Woman Claims To Have Met 'Long Lost Twin' At University In Viral TikTok

Since there are only so many different faces that can exist in the world, it kind of makes sense that some of the billions of people born throughout history would look a bit similar.

So as weird as it is to meet someone who looks a lot like you or even to see yourself in a classic painting, it's not exactly unheard of.

Still, when we can't get over how similar we look to someone else, it can become hard not to wonder whether that's because we're secretly part of the same family. And as one Tik Tok illustrates, that effect becomes even stronger when you actually see that person every day.

On February 21, 19-year-old Amy Harriet posted a TikTok video in response to a prompt for an interesting fact about herself.

Specifically, another user who goes by @hashimoto_warrior was asking others to tell her something about themselves that sounds false but is 100% true.

In Harriet's case, she was convinced that she had met her long lost twin.

More specifically, she met this woman at the University of Birmingham and they're roommates when classes are in session.

And it would seem they've become quite close since Harriet reposted the video on March 16 in celebration of the other woman's birthday and of the fact that she would return to the school that Friday.

As I'm doing here, Harriet then included some photos from her Instagram page that showed the resemblance between them.

From this closer photo, we can see that while it's not impossible to tell the two apart, they do look very similar.

And of course, siblings don't have to be identical twins to still be twins.

But if the physical similarities weren't enough, there was one fact about the pair that seemed particularly strange to Harriet.

Apparently, their birthdays are only a day apart.

Since it's technically possible for twins to be born on different days if they entered the world on opposite sides of midnight, this made it much easier for people to believe that she was right about her friend.

For others, Harriet's situation seemed oddly familiar.

Specifically, commenters were reminded of the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan.

As one said, "Does her dad make wine and your mum design wedding dresses?"

In any case, it seems that many of the 16.5 million people who have seen either version of Harriet's video are as excited as she is to learn the truth.

However, it seems we'll have to wait before Harriet, her roommate, and anyone else watching has closure on this topic.

According to The Independent's Indy100, they haven't taken a DNA test to confirm their suspicions yet.

Still, a lot of folks seem pretty convinced.

And once you see Harriet's video for yourself, you'll be able to find out whether you're convinced or not.

Just know that if this turns out to be the truth, it wouldn't be the first time that two sisters found out they were twins through TikTok.

According to the South China Morning Post, two women born in Indonesia would end up coming to the same realization.

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