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California Winery Will Pay Someone $10K A Month To Live Rent-Free In Sonoma

Do you know a pinot from a cabernet? Can you spell "Gewürztraminer" perfectly on the first try, without looking it up? Do you look forward to nothing more than pouring yourself a glass of wine after work?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, your dream job just might be waiting for you in California.

It sounds too good to be true, but the one real qualification for a dream position at Murphy-Goode Winery is that you love wine.

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The Sonoma-based winery recently announced it was looking for enthusiastic candidates for a one-year position with the winery, paying $10,000 per month, with rent-free accommodations for the year, and 30 free cases of wine — and all they're really asking is that wine be your passion.

From the sounds of it, the job will involve a little bit of everything.

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The posting is intentionally vague — the lucky candidate will get to try out a lot of different duties at the winery, from working around the vineyards and the winery to learning about e-commerce in the industry.

The first few months at least will be spent shadowing winemaker Dave Ready, Jr., the son of one of the company's founders.

The idea is that, after exploring everything wine, the new hire will be able to determine what they want to do in the wide world of wine.

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"From there, we will work with you and your passions to help you choose your path in the wine business," the posting reads.

"We have a job that will instantaneously catapult you into the wine stratosphere."

This isn't the first time Murphy-Goode has put forth such a posting.

Facebook | Murphy-Goode Winery

The "Really Goode Job" first launched in 2009 "to create a real job opportunity in the wine industry at a time of economic distress and high unemployment."

At that point, the job was a bit more well defined, as the hire was asked to document life working at the winery on social media. Similar circumstances from the pandemic economic downturn spurred the winery to revive the position in 2021, with the twist of letting the new hire pursue their own career dreams.

Obviously, there are a few other requirements than just a passion for wine.

For one, applicants have to be legal drinking age and eligible to work in the U.S. They also need to be able to lift 50 pounds repetitively.

Murphy-Goode is asking candidates to apply with a video resume by June 30, 2021, which will be evaluated on "role value, creativity and design, applicable experience, and skill set."

Check out the posting right here!

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