Organized Mom Shares Her Sunday Routine To Get Prepped For The New Week

Who here absolutely strives for a well-organized life? Raise your hand. That's my goal, too. However, it's not always easy to do so during a busy week. Do you hear what I'm saying?

That's why this mom came up with a better plan. She actually designates Sunday to get herself ready for the week ahead. So I'm going to share some of her tips with you below.

Steph Pase is a mom of two toddlers who lives in Sydney, Australia.

Unsplash | Dakota Corbin

At 30-years-old, this lady is one busy bee. In addition to taking care of her household, she also runs two businesses. So, she must know a thing or two about maximizing her time.

I'm here to tell you she does.

So she came up with a Sunday routine that really helps her stay on track. First, she makes sure she refills that toilet paper drawer in the bathroom. Then, she replenishes the washing powder jar.

Next, she moves on folding and hanging up all her kids' clothes so they're ready for the week ahead.

I think that's such a great strategy. Every mom knows, finding clothes for the kiddos to wear during the week can be a nightmare.

The next thing she does is super important.

Steph actually plans out her family's meals ahead of time. She writes them down on a meal planning calendar. I have promised myself to do this, but I haven't started yet, hee, hee.

Speaking of meal planning, this mom also organizes the fruits and veggies in her fridge.

That way, they're easy to find during the week. That's definitely going to cut down on her meal prepping time, that's for sure. What a great idea, huh?

Every busy mom needs her coffee.

Am I right? So Steph ensures that all her coffee pods are ready for the week ahead. She also tidies up around the house to make sure it's all neat and well-organized for everyone to enjoy.

After all these Sunday chores, Steph prepares a balanced dinner for the family.

I think it must feel so satisfying that she is well prepared for what's coming in the week ahead, no? I give this mom huge props for that.

It might look like one busy Sunday, but this mom also takes some time for a little pampering.

She usually washes her hair and puts on a face mask to rejuvenate. She does this before sitting down to watch a movie with the kids.

So what do you think of the idea of a Sunday routine this mom swears by, huh?

Would you do something like this to prepare yourself for the upcoming week? I'm really impressed by it, and I vow to implement something like this myself.

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