These Intricate Succulents Look Just Like Roses

Ah, succulents. The great, (almost) un-killable plant, and the savior of those of us who don't quite have a green thumb.

If you're a succulent fan like I am, then you'll be thrilled to hear about a breed of succulent that actually looks like roses! How great does an everlasting rose sound?

Meet Greenovia dodrantalis.

That's the rose succulent's scientific name, and, boy, is she a real beauty. If you're in the market for one, you'll need to know both its names: Greenovia dodrantalis, and Aeonium dodrantale.

They're native to the Canary Islands.

That means they prefer warmer environments, so be sure to keep them away from frost! If you live somewhere cold, bring your rose inside for the winter.

Like most succulents, they're pretty low maintenance.

But unlike most, they do most of their growing in the winter, not the summer! You should save fertilizing them for the winter, and water them less in the summer.

You can get yours on Etsy!

As with all things plant-related, Etsy is the place to be for a rose succulent. You can get the seeds you need to grow your own right here for $5.50!