Father Spends 4 Months Handcrafting A 'Doctor Who'-Inspired Doorway For His Son

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

The TARDIS — that's Time and Relative Dimensions In Space, in case you didn't know — is an iconic image in pop culture history, and a staple in many Doctor Who loving homes. One dad decided to take his son's love of the TARDIS and everything Who-related and give him the surprise of a lifetime!

"It's smaller on the outside."

Unsplash | Dante Candal

Ah, the TARDIS. That blue beauty that can travel in time and space. A beloved symbol with an equally beloved pilot, the TARDIS is the face of Doctor Who merchandise.

(I have a TARDIS cookie jar actually, but sadly it is not bigger on the inside.)

One dad went above and beyond to give his "Doctor Who"-loving son a Christmas surprise.

It's a TARDIS! The last time I was in one of these, I was in a geek-themed pub, and it was definitely not bigger on the inside! Luckily, this one? It totally is.

Fancy running away with a madman in a box?

This is the ultimate room. It's the best room. I want this room, and I'm a grown woman. He even included the circle bits on the walls, a stuffed Dalek, and the TARDIS' main console!

The TARDIS was received very well.

Mandy (@MandyStarlight) posted an update not long after her initial tweet, letting everyone know that her son absolutely loved his new room. I hope he and the Doctor have some marvelous adventures together! Allons-y!