Quotes About Adulthood That Have Us Saying 'You Got That Right'

The reality of being an adult is so different from the fantasy we all created when we were younger.

You can't tell me you ever imagined yourself going to bed at 10 PM every night, force-feeding yourself vitamins, or getting excited when your favorite brand of toilet paper goes on sale. I'm sure you were picturing something a bit more exciting.

But that's not what it's really like being a grown up, is it? No, unfortunately it's a lot more like these quotes.

You get injured doing basically nothing.

I stood up from my desk too quickly the other day and twisted my ankle, so let's add "working from home" to the list of things that inexplicably cause me injuries now.

Right there along with "sleeping" and "getting up from the couch."

Everything costs money, and you're the one footing the bill.

Nothing has shocked me more as an adult than learning just how expensive fresh fruit is, or how much it costs to buy one single block of cheese.

This. This is why people order takeout so often.

But you can't eat takeout all the time, can you? Because *health*.

Yeah, now you've got to actually think about silly things like your heart, so you have to try to actually plan healthy meals and drink water instead of coffee.

But who are we kidding? You still drink so much coffee.

And of course, you complain about *literally* everything.

Seriously, why did they have to change everything? What was wrong with the old system? Now I have to go wandering up and down the aisles like I'm new here because suddenly it's not so simple to find the barbecue sauce I like!

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