Quotes For When 'Diet Starts Tomorrow' Has Become Your Life Motto

I feel like for the last three years I've been vowing that my diet will be starting "tomorrow." But how many "tomorrows" have passed, and I'm still sitting here eating pumpkin pie right out of its foil plate?

Sometimes it's easier to eat food we know we have no business eating if we tell ourselves that this is the last day we'll be eating like this because everything will change tomorrow. But as easy as it is to say that, it's so much harder to actually do it. Hey, that's life. Pass the whipped cream, please!

If you've also somehow acquired the motto "diet starts tomorrow," I think you're really going to appreciate these quotes.

Dang it, not again.

Why is it if I can manage to cut one "bad" food out of my diet, I inexplicably pick up an obsession with a different kind of bad food? It's like I'm trying to make up the difference or something.

"I'm no longer eating white bread but hooo boy, you should see how much chocolate I'm eating nowadays."

That number still seems kind of low to me.

I don't even think I have blood anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if my organs are running exclusively on red sauce, with maybe a dash of white sauce flowing through the veins every so often.

Every day of my life, sis.

I also really like catching myself running out of breath in the middle of eating, because that always makes me feel really good about myself.

Can't be bothered to get on the treadmill but I have no problem getting winded while eating Taco Bell.

There's always something.

That's also why I keep pushing the start of my diet. Why limit my food intake when the holiday season is just around the corner?

Plus there's the pizza I planned on ordering for dinner tonight, and that pumpkin pie that still needs to be eaten in the fridge... Honestly, a diet just isn't very convenient right now.

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