Quotes For Those Of Us Who Aren't Afraid To Get Petty

I'm a pretty laidback person. Most of the time, I find it easier to just go with the flow than try to fight with strangers over petty things that have very little impact in the grand scheme of things.

It's a trait I inherited from my dad, who is even more laidback than I am. But that doesn't mean we both don't have certain peeves that will switch us over into full petty mode.

The one that sticks out to me most with my dad is how he cannot stand people who honk at him a millisecond after a traffic light changes.

More than once we've been first at an intersection at rush hour and the guy behind us will honk almost the same instant the light turns green.

So my dad will literally sit there and wait out the entire green light, just to spite the guy for not having an ounce of patience.

He's even done it in a left turn lane and waited out more than one advanced green.

Personally, although I think it's hilarious, I always feel bad for the perfectly innocent people stuck behind the original honker.

But when it will only affect that one car? Bring it on.

I once spent a good half hour sitting in my car in an IKEA parking lot, just listening to the radio while a vehicle honked at me to get going.

Normally, I'd want to get out of there ASAP because Ikea lots are insane, but this guy pulled up practically on my bumper as soon as I was unlocking the trunk.

He then proceeded to just watch impatiently as I, a lone five-foot-one person, struggled to get heavy boxes up off the cart and into my trunk.

By the time I had walked the cart to the closest corral, he was tapping his fingers on the wheel.

Tired from shopping and sweaty from lifting those heavy purchases, I got in the car and just sat.

I didn't even try to look like I was busy on my phone or something. Eventually, he honked, then honked more, and then finally moved on.

I waited until he was a few aisles away, pulled out, and enjoyed watching him rush back and be beaten by a minivan. It was so very, very satisfying.

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