Kelly Ripa Adopts Adorable Rescue Dog That Was Featured On 'Live! With Kelly And Ryan'

There's nothing quite like adding a new pet to your family. I mean, maybe adding a new baby to your family, but even that takes a LOT more prep work than a puppy, and involves a lot more heavy lifting from your body.

When it comes to adopting pets, adopting a rescue can feel even better than usual!

There's something exciting about adopting a pet that's been on television.

Unsplash | sergio souza

Whenever television shows hold adoption events where they show off dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that need a loving forever home, it's always tempting — who doesn't want a pet that's been chumming around with Ryan Seacrest?

Kelly Ripa seems to agree with that!

In an episode of Live! With Kelly And Ryan Kelly revealed that her family recently adopted one of the dogs that was featured in an adoption segment on the show!

Kelly opened up about the decision to adopt the puppy named Lena earlier this week.

Kelly explained she'd been worried about their family dog's reaction to the new family member, but she shouldn't have been!

"My whole fear was that I didn't want Chewie to feel replaced in any way," Kelly revealed about their family dog, but there was only good news on that front! "Chewie was outside the [Lena's] crate, sitting next to her with their noses together," she said.

The only drama has come from the dog's name!

"My kids want her to be named Leia, as in Princess Leia, because we have Chewie," Kelly laughed, adding, "I don't know. I need guidance."

"However, your kids aren't going to be there for most of her life," Ryan Seacrest helpfully pointed out.

We're so glad that Kelly's family got to welcome their newest member!

And we're even more glad that Lena (or Leia!) found her brand new forever home!

Have you ever adopted a rescue pet? Let us know your story in the comments below!