Tyra Banks Is 'Here To Stay' As Host On 'Dancing With The Stars'

Usually when you think about controversy surrounding competition shows, it's about who won, who went home, or who might have gotten robbed — it's not usually surrounding the host!

Dancing With The Stars has always been a unique show, so it makes sense that their controversies would be unique too!

The show premiered in 2005.

For 15 years (and a whopping 28 seasons), the show was hosted by beloved television personality Tom Bergeron.

Fans of the show were surprised last year when Tom announced that he was no longer going to be the host of the show.

The show picked Tyra Banks to be the replacement host.

The supermodel and television personality was definitely a controversial pick among fans, and faced her fair share of backlash for her performance on the show.

However, despite some fans not being the biggest supporters of Tyra, it seems like she's not going anywhere!

At least, not according to one of the show's dancers.

"I think she did a super job. I think she was incredibly kind," said dancer for the show Petra Mugatroyd in a new interview. "She was just like a really nice woman. And I don't know if people know that."

Petra said she thinks Tyra is "here to stay."

"I think she's gonna stay. Yeah, I really do. I think she did give the show new life. I think she revamped the show in a way that it hasn't been before," Petra continued.

"I mean we love Tom Bergeron," she added.

"We love Erin Andrews and we were very very sad to see them go, but I think she's here to stay," Petra finished.

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