16+ People With The Absolute Worst Luck

Luck can make or break the day that you are having. However, more often than not luck seems to err on the side of bad luck over good luck.

So, from sleep therapists who apparently can't get any decent sleep to people fighting with printers and losing, here are 16+ people with the absolute worst luck.

"Interviewee is a director at the 'laboratory of sleep' in a university."

Well, you'd be tired too if you had to spend all of your nights watching other people sleep!

"Being a mailman in an area where dogs are evolved to ninja dogs sucks."

Christ, what did this postman do to annoy this dog so much? Although, dogs and mailmen are just inherent enemies I guess.

"Local NAPA store turning misfortune into marketing."

They really turned a negative into a positive here. It's a much cheaper option than actually fixing the damage as well!

"Parked under the wrong tree today..."

I mean, you could say that they were lucky that they weren't in it! Although, still pretty damn unlucky!

"I've had this Mr. Krabs on my keychain for a while but lost the faceplate so now everyone thinks I'm carrying around a uterus."

There is nothing wrong with having a uterus keyring! Also, I know that they could probably just take it off, but people get very attached to key-rings...for some reason.

"Better luck tomorrow!"

Dr. Hugh clearly needs to start biting the chihuahuas back a little more! You can't let yourself be pushed around by small dogs Dr. Hugh!

Vinegar Leaking From the Ceiling!

This poor person explained, "My smoke detector is leaking Balsamic Vinegar... because the [landlord's] baby knocked over a huge bottle of the stuff, and it poured into the vent system, so now we have balsamic vinegar dripping out of everything."

I cannot imagine how bad it smelt in there.

"I forgot the Pepsi was in the back of my car, and it was -16 Fahrenheit night before last."

They should have bought Coke instead. I'm not saying it would have helped the mess, it just would been a much tastier mess.


This is the worst sort of annoyance. There is no shame in licking that lid either if this happens. Well, there is a bit of shame, but it's worth it.

"My uncle said that any fortune that came from a cookie was a good fortune but I'm not so sure about this one..."

I hope that they managed to figure out what they had done! I don't think I would be able to sleep if I got this fortune!

He Doesn't Look Too Happy With His Purchase...

Yeah, and I can see why. The positioning of that rod really gives off the wrong message. Although, it's a hideous shirt regardless so he kind of brought it on himself.

"When you live in Svalbard, Norway and forgot to close the window to the home office..."

And I thought that my home office was a little chilly. They're going to want to try and clear that all up before the snow starts to melt!

"We got our doors painted during a remodel and the painters forgot to put the plastic covering on the ground."

What a great way to get your floors painted in an abstract way for free! I'd be thrilled with this!

"I see your scenic photos ruined by the weather and present the time I fulfilled a life long dream to visit the Taj Mahal."

Well, at least they will have this picture to partially remember the time they were apparently near the Taj Mahal!

"Who forgot to check for cracks and damages?!"

If I looked out of the window of a flight and saw this then I cannot imagine how much whiskey I would need mainlined into my veins in order to to calm down and not instantly have a heart attack.

"Coworker had a bad time changing the toner today..."

For a moment I thought that the toner explosion had also managed to paint a perfect picture of a skyline on his shirt.

"Anyone lose their boat on I 90?"

Losing an entire boat without realising is pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Congrats, whoever you are, on being a bonehead.

"Was going to grab an umbrella but I remembered seeing the handle of one in my backseat. I wrongly assumed that meant I had one."

I am sure there are plenty of you out there who, like me, are also wondering why the hell this person just keeps umbrella handles in their car?!

"Forgot to bring my sunglasses to work. Only pair I had in my car were my toddler's."

I think that he is really pulling them off though! I might even invest in a pair of these myself!

"Remember to close your door before using an automated parking system."

You would have thought that someone would have installed a sensor to prevent this sort of thing from happening.