Create Your Own Hooded Crochet Llama Blanket With A Cozy Pattern

You know what you need? A new hobby.

You know what you also need? A llama blanket.

Combine those two things together, and you'll be crocheting yourself a full-size llama blanket that you can wear in no time. Life doesn't get much better than that.

Check this bad boy out.

I mean, how cute is that? The ears, the texture, the little blanket within a blanket along the back — there is no way I wouldn't wear this around my house. It's adorable.

You can make it in three different sizes.

After you master the art of crocheting (I believe in you, I know you can do it), feel free to try making different sizes of this absolute masterpiece. It comes in adult, child, and toddler sizes!

You have a lot of creative freedom with the pattern, too.

You can choose your favorite colors for the blanket, and you can have fun with it by making the llama different colors, too! I mean, why not? It's your blanket.

You can grab the pattern for it on Etsy.

This brilliant design that includes little slots for your hands (very important) is available from MJsOffTheHookDesigns on Etsy! You can get the pattern for $6.50 right here. Have fun!