Enjoy Burgers Without The Mess Thanks To The 'Burger Buddy'

Are you a messy eater?

Hey, there's no shame in that. No one on this Earth can claim they haven't spilled food on themselves, you know? Yes, even the queen.

Anyway, if eating burgers is a particularly messy task for you, allow me to introduce you to the Burger Buddy.

Meet the Burger Buddy.

It's the perfect solution for messy burgers, and it's actually cute! Created by Balance Innovations in the UK, the Burger Buddy comes in four colors — sunset orange, majestic magenta, premium grey, and ocean blue.

You can use it for way more than burgers, too!

Thanks to the silicone ribbing along the bottom and sides, you can expand or shrink the Buddy to fit whatever round food you want to eat! I'm going for that donut.

It's especially useful for kids.

This is where the Burger Buddy really shines! Avoid dripping ketchup, slippery tomatoes, and waterfalls of shredded lettuce with a Burger Buddy in your child's hand.

You can back it on Indiegogo right now.

They currently have a pretty good delivery timeline, with a late April goal to get your Buddy out to you. Check out the campaign and donate to it here!

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