Beauty Company's 'Survivors' Makeup Palette Called Out Online For Being 'Insensitive'

Many companies and brands like to create specialty products and lines for specific subgroups in society. Sometimes, companies look to bring awareness to certain issues and groups of individuals through products and design.

Many companies look to bring awareness to some illnesses and diseases.

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Many big-name companies look to bring awareness to diseases and illnesses by creating lines with certain colors or donating proceeds to foundations.

However, there are positive ways to support these causes and others which just end up creating more problems.

Some areas are a bit sensitive, and some people who are in that subgroup can feel offended or uncomfortable when a company does something in a particular way.

Recently, the Reddit community has spoken out about a cosmetics company that crossed the line.

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Indie beauty brand AmyLee Cosmetics creative a makeup palette that is being called "insensitive" and "tone deaf" by many people online.

The makeup pallet is called the "Survivors Palette".

The packaging is pink with butterflies and the word "Survivors" right across the front of the palette.

However, the names of the colors inside are what many are offended by.

Many of the colors and names appear to align with the colors of support ribbons represented by these issues. But, people online are not having it or not feeling "seen" by this.

People on Reddit were extremely angry and offended by this.

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Online, many said that this is insulting and inappropriate, especially to name bright shades after things that are so dark and traumatic like "PTSD" and "Depression".

One person said why not make the names "uplifting?"

"Who in the [expletive] thought this was a good idea? If you had to do a 'survivors' palette, which, no, I don't think is a good idea to begin with, couldn't you have named the shades things like overcome or growth or something," one person said.

Many were concerned by the names of the colors, too.

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One person said, "Who makes a suicide shade omfg? ETA just noticed the child abuse one, too, this is beyond offensive."

Others said the whole concept was misguided.

"They could have just called it the survivor palette and had some spiel [on the] back about how people [should] be proud about surviving through hardship, whether it was emotional, mental health... And that this palette was dedicated to people currently going through serious illnesses," another user said.

Some said even if the proceeds do go to causes, this is still inappropriate.

"WTF? This is horrible. Even if 100% of sales were going to charity it is so, so awful," someone said.

It appears that the product has since been pulled from the company's website in wake of the backlash, and the company released a statement apologizing:

"AmyLee sincerely apologizes if this is offensive or triggering to anyone," they said.

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