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Here's The Annual Reminder That Every Body Is A Bikini Body

Now that spring is upon us, do you know what's next? Summer, of course. Who else longs for the dog days of summer when all you do is lay on the beach smelling that fresh summer air and enjoying the waves? Or is that just my dream? Ha, ha!

Regardless of what you love about summer, one thing's for sure: The anxiety about wearing the dreaded bikini is real. Ugh! But should we really feel that way?

I say, no!

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In fact, I've had enough of the whole trend of "getting bikini ready." What does that even mean? Who decides which body is worthy of wearing a bikini anyway?

Is it the media or the most popular Instagram influencer? Or maybe some fitness guru? None of these count as all that important in my book.

The most valuable thing is how I feel about my body.

When I put on that bikini or one-piece swimsuit, I want to feel good about myself. It doesn't matter if I now have a muffin top or put on a few pounds.

Who cares? None of it is going to stop me from enjoying my summer. Heck, I've waited long enough for it.

So you should get out there and enjoy it too.

I'm not going to judge you based on how you look. Maybe that was the thing to do in grade school but not when you're an actual adult.

It's time to "grow the f*** up!" Seriously, enough of that! People have plenty of other things going on in their lives to focus on something as shallow as that.

What do you say, huh?

Are you with me on this? So next time I see some ads to promise me a quick way to get that "bikini bod," I'm going to have to give it a hard pass.

I'm a little too busy and too happy living my life, thank you very much. I hope you do the same. Life is too short to focus on the wrong things anyway.

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