16+ Everyday Things That Know The Ravages Of Time Firsthand

Everything gets old. Everything that's living eventually dies.

...sorry, didn't mean to start this on such a down note. But it's true! And just as we develop wrinkles and gray hair the older we get, the objects we use show their age as well. Let's delve into the world of stuff that's getting a little long in the tooth.

Just one year.

Reddit | William_UK

The Queen's Guards do a lot of marching around, which explains the wear and tear on a pair of their boots after just one year (new on the left, worn on the right).

iPhone users can relate.

Reddit | Goaliescottie

This guy's been carrying around a headphone adapter in his wallet for over a year. It's clearly taken its toll on the leather.

They still work.

Reddit | vexxillion

These steps, cut into solid rock, have taken on a warped appearance over the years. That's understandable, considering they were carved centuries ago.

A lot of ping pong.

Reddit | Dardan311

The table tennis table at this bar looks plenty worn after twenty years of heavy use, but at least it's all in one piece.


Reddit | Mprovin

The nut and bolt on the left is far from salt water and salt air. The nut and bolt on the right, installed at the same time, is much closer.

Wait, there's a rug here?

Reddit | Svengelska1990

The rug in this pic (just look at the ground, you'll see it eventually) is so worn down that it's barely visible.

So many dings.

Reddit | pix_

The doorbell at this store is a simple affair: the door opens and clangs the bell. You can see quite a few years of bell-clanging in the top of the door.

Rub for good luck.

Reddit | Contrariwise2

The foot — well, the stump — on this statue of St. Peter at the Vatican has worn down to almost nothing over the centuries.

Still hanging on.

Reddit | jamin101wolf

An IT tech snapped a pic of this (still working) mouse to show just how much the plastic on the bottom has worn down.

I had a car like this.

Reddit | slain86

If you're lucky enough to get a lot of life out of your car, this might happen: the key becomes so worn down it literally falls out of the ignition sometimes.

An excellent source of staples.

Reddit | ReefyView

Anyone who's been through the bar district of a big city has probably seen something like this: posts with decades worth of staples on them.

Circulated vs. uncirculated.

Reddit | damn_jexy

This shows the same amount of money — $100 in singles — after it's been circulated versus how it starts out.

Trusty clipboard.

Reddit | pairofcrocs

Have you ever wondered what a clipboard looks like after doing crossword puzzles on it for three decades? Now you know.

Time for a new link.

Reddit | Tito_Grande

It's easy to see steel as something so strong that it never degrades. But this pic tells a much different story.

Just a bit of blade.

Reddit | dillferino

If you sharpen a knife enough times, the blade will eventually dwindle away to nothing. This knife is about halfway there.

Fond memories.

Reddit | Dankmus

Anyone who owned an OG iPod and didn't put it in a case probably remembers the back looking like the one on the left.

Well loved.

Reddit | princeapalia

These two teddy bears have been treated very differently over the years. The one on the left is lucky to still have an attached head.

Butt grooves.

Reddit | af757

I have no idea how someone sits in a chair so much that it takes on their appearance, but here you go.

Good boy.

Reddit | Scatola

The urge to give a pupper a scritch is so strong that people will do it en masse even for a statue dog.

After "four years of daily bonking."

Reddit | Chrome4320

These hammers are identical, only one is in brand new condition and the other one has been used steadily.