15+ Times People Made The Little Details Matter

The small details of life are things that most people probably don't even notice. But they're still there and if you have an inquisitive nature, you can spot them.

Little details matter and these pics are proof positive.

Spirit squad.

Some unknown artist did something really fun with these little clumps of greenery by etching a cheerleader underneath them.

Hidden ladies.

These antique Chinese tea cups are super thin on the bottom. That's by design so you can see the images when you look at them against a light source.

Pancake perfection.

Reddit | QUOKKI13

To me, the perfect stack of pancakes is, well, any stack of pancakes. That said, the symmetry here certainly deserves some credit.


Reddit | peanutgainzel

While we're on a breakfast theme, get a load of these bacon strips that have crisped up in such a way that they look like leaping dolphins.

The cutest astronaut.

Reddit | AdamDeluxe

This little dog is named Snuffles, because of course it is. Snuffles' human made sure that Snuffles was kitted out for this photoshoot.

Quack quack.

Reddit | Infernoscare

If you just cover up one of the holes on the back of this chair, it looks exactly like a duck. Add a shirt over the top and it's a duck with hair.

Life imitates art.

Reddit | AgentChris101

This Spider-Man figurine has been colonized by a real spider. It's like a real life version of the Spider-Man pointing meme.

Pi pie.

Reddit | nathancrumpton

There's nothing like a delicious key lime pie. The only thing that improves it is a price and sell-by date that are pi.

Icy wires.

Reddit | Serpent86

There's something weirdly satisfying about looking at the way that the water clung to — and then froze to — this chicken wire fence.

Made for each other.

Reddit | Reallynoreallyno

From this angle, the tree outside fits absolutely perfectly in this window. I guess if things get unruly, the tree can always be pruned.

Finding a way.

Reddit | failyo

The big leaves of this plant have taken on a few holes but that just represents an opportunity for the plant that grew right through them.

Lined up.

Reddit | spctaz

I don't know why basketballs have the grooves that they do but maybe it's so they can line up in a pleasing way like this.

Super lead.

Reddit | reddit11898

This pencil sharpener works, in that it sharpens the pencil. The only fly in the ointment is the fact that it doesn't sharpen the lead.

Very clever.

Reddit | benjam33

In a drought, this sign would look very weird. But when it's next to a pond, its genius quickly becomes apparent.

Pineapple pins.

Reddit | TheBaconspiray

This pineapple looks like any other pineapple, aside from the fact that it has adorable little pineapple feet that it's standing on.

The proportions are way off.

Reddit | zigzagziggurats

Here's a little detail for you: this guy, who stands a respectable 5'10" tall, has size 3 feet. Once you notice the disparity, it's hard to look away.

Meeting of the minds.

Reddit | acetlyco

This chipped nail polish looks like the silhouette of a man in deep conversation with a 600-pound gorilla, doesn't it?

Perfect fit.

Reddit | samantro

These planters have little notches in them that are the perfect size for colorful bottle caps.

Good day to gamble.

Reddit | jermfromscience

This cash out ticket shares the same digits with the time it was printed. That seems like a pretty good omen.

You have a visitor.

Reddit | keychow

This person's Ring camera keeps sending them notifications because a little spider has decided to make it into a home.