82 Year Old Christopher Lloyd Got Back In His Doc Brown Costume, Proving He Hasn't Aged

There's got to be no greater pride as an actor than to be involved in an iconic series that truly stands the test of time. There's only a few true classic movies in the world, and if you get to be in one of them, you must consider yourself very lucky.

It's pretty clear that Christopher Lloyd does!

Christopher Lloyd is a fantastic actor, best known as Doc Brown from *Back To The Future*.

Even though the films came out over 30 years ago, Christopher Lloyd looks every bit as fit to play the eccentric genius Doc Brown now as he did back in the '80s — and he is!

Christopher is reviving the character (kind of) for a new series on Discovery+!

Christopher donned the familiar Hawaiian shirt costume for Expedition: Back to the Future, a show made to track down one of the movie's DeLorean in the hopes of donating it to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Christopher will be playing both himself and Doc Brown in the documentary.

"Initially, it just seemed like an interesting project," Christopher said.

"I mean, for Doc Brown to come back and be in present time," he went on.

"I was intrigued by being Doc Brown and also being Chris, and how that was gonna work out and what that would mean in various ways. So, it was kind of an adventure," Christopher said about the experience.

"I guess it's just going to go on and on and on. I'm very fortunate, very proud to be part of it," Christopher said of the franchise.

It's clear that Christopher looks absolutely fantastic, and it's also clear that the love for Back To The Future, even from the people who starred in the movie, definitely isn't going anywhere!

h/t: TooFab