15+ Things That Turned Out Weirder Than Expected

Try as we might, things don't always turn out as planned. That's old news, though, everyone knows that and tends to plan accordingly.

What happens when things do work, but they end up kind of strange? A whole new situation emerges, highlighted here in this list of things that turned out weirder than expected.

"[...] jello shots in hard boiled eggs [...]."

Not a flavor combination I ever would have imagined on my own, but now it's one I can't stop imagining. And I hate it.

"This [guy's] hat was wearing a hat."

Well, yeah, it's to keep the sun out of his first hat's eyes. Obviously.

"My bacon this morning looked like dolphins."

One of the better 'food that looks like an animal' pics I've seen, but the color makes it a bit unsettling.

"Unicorn shaped corn holders."

Speaking of food and animal combos, nothing like the image of eating unicorn flesh that really makes one want to chow down.

"My eggs cracked into a frowny face."

"Well, these were going to be sunny side up, but let's make them over easy instead."

"This homemade jello mold - a 1 year memorial to my spleen."

Forget the mold, I'm terrified of this opaque, rubber-looking jello you've created.

"Those are bottle caps for flooring."

Mosaic on a budget. It's certainly colorful, that's for sure.

"Someone got their bush trimmed to look like a cat."

Nothing like the comforting sight of the giant cat-shaped bush along your driveway to welcome you home.

"You see some weird stuff in antique malls."

You sure do! Then you take photos of them and post them online for others to see and share. Thanks for that!

"Buying a bottle of champagne from a vending machine."

Something about this feels wrong, but hey, I'm not about to knock convenience.

"Why keep old family photos in an album when you can decoupage them onto furniture instead?"

No thanks, I don't need any distant relative of mine watching me get changed.

"These popsicle stick lamps."

If only I kept up my crafting skills from scouts, maybe then I could be on this person's level.

"This looks uncomfortable."

Couldn't even get new wheels, so now it's uncomfortable and dirty.

"Mow your lawn in half the time!"

Half the time to mow, but twice the chance of an explosion and subsequent shrapnel injury. You win some, you lose some.

"How this bowl wraps the reflection of the cat."

This cat seems very lost in his own reflection. That blue glow in his eyes, what does he see? What is he realizing?

"My aunt has an ultrawide microwave."

What would even require having a microwave that long? Reheating an entire rack of ribs?

"My wife made a pillow out of my [parents'] face merge and hides it around the house on occasion."

What else was she supposed to do with it? It's not really a pillow to be kept out for when guests come over.

"Plastic water bottle got pressed into this sheet of wood."

Not exactly how I thought recycling worked, but it sure is being reused!

"Baby doll head/Living Stone planter."

Oh, so this is where the head from that doll lamp went! Not sure which is worse!

"A weird pineapple."

'Weird' is an understatement, this thing is barely identifiable as a pineapple.