18+ People Who Take The Term ‘Daredevil’ Very Seriously

There are many people who like to live life to the extreme. Although, sometimes living life to the extreme can tread a little close to just plain idiocy!

So, prepare to see a cavalcade of the most dangerously ridiculous people on the planet, with these 17+ people who take the terms "Daredevil" very seriously!

"Sometimes you just got to get er' done!"

Thankfully someone pointed out that he is wearing a load-bearing shirt, otherwise this would be really dangerous.

"Happened a few years back, supervisor of these guys said he had done this technique for years..."

I do not know who the supervisor was of this site, but they need to get their head checked. Or start a Jackass reboot.

"Lots of Ladders!"

I am never comfortable when I am on one ladder let alone stood atop a load of interconnected ladders!

"Trench troll..."

Christ this guy has no fear. You have to pay the trench troll's toll if you want to get into...well, death.

"Happened in Germany today..."

This person clearly thought of themselves as something of a daredevil. However, I think they need a ramp and a track instead of just razzing into random railings and hoping to fly.

"Just trying to get something unstuck."

I know that this is probably all fine, but if anyone ever pointed to a wood-chipper and said to me, "Just hop in there for us," then I'd tell them to swivel on it.

"One of my guys sent me this today..."

This is like something out of Monty Python. How could they possibly think that this is a good idea?

"There was a meeting about this..."

"Dave, I need to talk to you."

"What about?"

"Dave...seriously? I think you know!"

"Told my dad we could get a gardener to trim the trees but he insisted on saving money. Came home to witness this..."

The idea of that trimmer falling while still on and landing on his head is some serious Final Destination nonsense.

"This looks dangerous at first glance!"

I really thought they were holding that baby off the edge of a building for a second. Although, I was more confused as to why they dressed him like an escaped criminal!

"External guest toilet!"

This is the most terrifying toilet I have ever seen. If you didn't need it going into this toilet, you would by the time you left.

"My buddy sent me this from his job site today."

I love the casual shrug on the person at the top. They know full well the level of danger they are in but do not care a jot. Kind of can't help but respect that.

"I wouldn't do this for a million quid."

Well, it is good that they wouldn't do it for a million quid, as I don't think that any of the lads in the photo are getting a million quid either.

"Log Lift — Oregon, 1973."

Thank God that this log was fitted with appropriate airbags and parachutes in case of emergency, as all logs should!

"Hello I'd like to change a lamp..."

The fact that he has "secured" this ladder against a pane of glass is just another level of madness that I cannot fathom. It is almost impressive.

"Pretty advanced technique!"

What I particularly love about this one is how wildly unnecessary it is. Just sit normally for God's sake!

"5-story fall..."

But, you know, at least he has a face mask on if nothing else. I actually can't keep looking at this one much longer as it's making me sweat.

"Human Bungee Cord!"

I am sure that he will be fine though. I mean, I say that with no actual surety but whatever, I don't think he cares.

"Planting trees..."

Gardening always seemed like such a boring relaxing hobby, but clearly I have been thinking about it wrong all of these years!