Women Online Reveal The Ways People Treat Them Differently When They Wear Makeup

The first time I realized how much makeup changed me, I was at a pharmacy.

I decided to go without makeup to pick up a prescription — I'd be heading right back home again, and I didn't have a spare hour to do my regular beat. When I got there, my pharmacist looked and my bare face and asked, "Are you ill?"

Yup. And unfortunately, a lot of women have stories similar to mine.

1. Rachel lives a normal life without makeup on.

"Other women approach me for conversation if I'm at the bar, I exchange casual smiles while passing someone in the aisle grocery shopping, all just typical daily scenarios with the average human being."

She gets all types of offers when she has her makeup on.

"I get significantly hit on more, even offered a lot of money in exchange for my 'time', and that has never happened without makeup. People offer me jobs more and try to recruit me to do marketing."

2. Ash gets mistaken for an escort with makeup on.

This is Ash, all done up. She's gorgeous. Unfortunately, people say that she's intimidating and actually avoid her.

"I've been stopped from going to an apartment party by the receptionist because 'working girls aren't allowed before 10PM.'"


Without makeup, people leave her alone.

"Still… no one DARES to approach me unless I approach them. Still a few stares, though.

However, I'm much more peaceful. And usually no questions from anyone.

Maybe the makeup draws attention? I don't know."

3. Shannon says people are nicer to her with makeup on.

"Men approach me more - even with my husband by my side. Women are generally very nice as well: They compliment my makeup and are friendly. Often times I feel as if I’m being stared at or watched," Shannon James shared.

She actually likes the lack of attention she gets when she isn't all done up.

"I am approached way less and garner next to no looks. It sounds like a negative thing but for an introvert like me, it’s so peaceful to not have to respond to random conversation."

This is exactly how I feel!

4. Claire's story is similar to mine.

"So, I used to love wearing crazy makeup like in the first two photos, but after constant ridicule and stares I get uncomfortable even thinking about wearing my art out in public."

Without makeup, people ask if she's okay.

"When I go out wearing no makeup, those that know me ask if I’m okay, whether I’m sick or not. Guys won’t approach me. My family tells me I need to try harder, that I don’t look like I’m taking care of myself."

5. Charlotte shared how sad it was that people were nicer to her with makeup on.

"When I look like this, I’m just another person. Not shunned but not really noticed either. I get no special treatment, stares, or rubbernecks," she said. "It’s really quite a peaceful but uneventful life when I am without makeup."

When she wears makeup, it's a different story.

"People will notice me, and definitely be more friendly and accommodating. People associate attractiveness with worthiness of their attention which is depressing but true."

This is already breaking my heart.

Do you have experiences like this?

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I feel like most women do. The attention we get with makeup on can be positive or negative, sure, but at the end of the day, we're getting attention for having our faces painted. What's that about?