People Are Turning Old Bathtubs Into Vibrant Backyard Ponds

So, what would you do with an old bathtub?

That's the question many homeowners have asked themselves over the years. Whether they've purchased a home with tubs beyond repair, or they were ready for a change, tubs are incredibly difficult to dispose of.

Luckily, these homeowners got creative, and now they have amazing backyard pieces that will definitely start a conversation!

The creativity in these ponds is amazing!

This whole tub is actually full of fish! Don't worry, it has all the proper irrigation. Toulouse here likes to float in his orb, while Bubushka, Cindy and Texas Pete hang out in the tub itself.

Wow, these things are gifts to cats, huh?

If you have fish in yours, then you have quite literally created a barrel for a cat to shoot fish in, you know? Maybe skip the fish if there are cats around.

Some people trick theirs out to the extreme.

Not only did they go for the full bathtub pond, they framed it out with some gorgeous wood! I'm obsessed with how tropical this looks. It's so chic!

Some businesses use them, too!

"We created this little ecosystem using an old bath tub at the market and its absolutely thriving!" I love that they thrifted this! It's such a great use of something that would otherwise go in a landfill.

This tub is of the hot variety.

"The hot tub came with the house. I think they are giant wastes of money but repurposing 'junk' is a passion of mine, ponds are a passion of mine, add that together and it equals HOT TUB POND."

Adding lights gives them a total new vibe.

Adding lights to anything just brings them to another level, you know? This one has a light right where the drain was. I love the ingenuity here!

I'm obsessed with the ones that are full of plant life.

You can create an entire water garden ecosystem in yours. Water gardens look awesome and are a fun hobby for the summer!

Here's what you'll need for your own pond:

You'll need an old tub, and some aquatic-grade liner for inside it to keep the fish as healthy as possible. Make sure to consult wherever you get your fish from to make sure you have the right filters for your new pond friends!

Would you try out a bathtub pond?

I think it would be a really cool, unique way to utilize an old tub! You can make it more modern with framing, or keep it very farmhouse and rustic by letting the raw tub sit in the dirt!