Customer Service Worker Gives Details On What Celebrities He Served Are Really Like

Another day, another person spilling all the tea on what celebs are really like!

By now, we've heard from two firsthand sources on TikTok: a hostess and a waitress.

This time, you'll hear all the juicy details from a writer who has worked at several restaurants and retail shops in Los Angeles.

Let's get into it, shall we?

No matter how much you want to be different, if you're reading this article, you are just as obsessed with celebrities as the rest of us.

So when someone like you and me, a regular person, comes out of the woods to tell us all about the celebrities we want to know about, we are ALL EARS.

This time, it's coming from someone named Stephen LaConte who lives in Los Angeles.

Naturally, he has met TONS of celebrities.

So, let's get into the celebs he met, and what he thought of them. Let us know your favourite post at the end of the article!

Paris Hilton

If you haven't watched her This Is Paris documentary yet, you really need to.

In it, she made it clear that she's nothing like her Simple Life character. This was proven based on Stephen's impression of her: "extremely kind and sweet."

Miley Cyrus

After writer Stephen LaConte missed meeting Justin Bieber at his store, he got something arguably better: standing face-to-face to Miley!

He wrote that she was really nice, but didn't stay long after the store started to get busy. We love an unproblematic Miley!

Miranda Cosgrove

Stephen's encounter with the iCarly star was pretty wild. Since he had just seated a huge birthday party of pre-teens, he gave the celeb a heads up.

But instead of asking to be seated elsewhere, she handled the attention with total grace.

Amy Adams

Stephen shared that he helped the Leap Year actress buy several things. She was apparently quiet, as she seemed to not want to draw too much attention to herself.

This seems accurate since the actress lives a low-key lifestyle.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

If you can believe it, Stephen did everything in his power not to shout "BILL! BILL! BILL!" from Bill's famous Bill Nye the Science Guy show we all watched as kids.

He was a gracious celeb who left a nice tip.

Diane Keaton

With a smile like that, how could she not be "a gem of a human being" like the writer described.

She came into the restaurant he worked at a few times and got a grilled cheese and a glass of white wine.

Fetty Wap

The rapper came into Stephen's restaurant during the time when his song, "Trap Queen" was everywhere.

Despite this, the fame didn't get to his head, as he was quiet and polite. He did ball a bit, though, by spending a ton of money.

Kevin McHale

In case you don't know who he is, he played Artie Abrams on Glee.

"I knew he was famous and every time I came to his table, I'd try to place him," Stephen wrote. "Eventually I figured it out! Nice man."


"Chill and mellow" — two words that perfectly describe the artist. You can also add humble to that list, based on Stephen's encounter with him.

"His song 'Happy' came on over the speakers and for some reason I felt very embarrassed about it??? I don't think they even noticed, or if they did, they didn't say anything."

Ed Helms

The Office fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Ed, aka Narddog, is extremely sweet.

According to Stephen, he asked a lot of questions about an item he wanted to buy. "10/10 experience, would recommend to a friend."

Kate Upton

While you would think that anyone would recognize the model (she's clearly gorgeous), the writer wrote that he didn't know it was her.

"I had no idea she was famous, which is usually a good sign that a celebrity is not a jerk."

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Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder was apparently exactly how he looks: patient, nice, respectful, and had a great reputation.

He was basically a hit with all of the employees, and we expected nothing less.

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