People Are Turning Ikea Cabinets Into DIY Greenhouses For Their Houseplants

One thing that helps transform a house into a home is by adding plants and greenery. Do you agree with me? I definitely believe that logic.

However, it's not always easy for plants to thrive indoors. But did you know that there is a hack for that? As it turns out, people are transforming Ikea cabinets into DIY greenhouses — and I can totally get on board with this idea.

Get this: Folks are turning their various Ikea cabinets into fabulous indoor plant greenhouses.

Unsplash | vadim kaipov

To do this, you can use either one of these cabinets: Detolf, Fabrikör, Milsbo, or, Rudsta. Can you believe that? Wow, I had no idea about this.

So how does one really do that, you ask?

Apparently, it's easier than you think. The first step is to assemble one of these cabinets, of course. Then, you're going to make a cozy little house for all your plants.

You will need to add strip grow lights to the inner cabinet walls so your plants can thrive.

To do so, just drill a hole in the metal surface of the cabinet. That way, you can feed the light cord through and plug it into the wall.

The whole idea of an Ikea cabinet is so you can create the perfect humidity for your plants.

They will be enclosed and cozy. And, you can see them all through the glass, which makes this cabinet a standout piece in your house.

How do you make sure the humidity is just right?

Easy! Add a device that calculates the temperature and humidity of the cabinet, and voilà! This way, you can easily monitor it and adjust how much you water your plants. Doesn't that sound great or what?

The good thing about Ikea cabinets is that they're easily customizable.

So you can move the glass shelves to any position you like to suit your various plants. I think that's such a neat idea. I should DIY one of these.

This cabinet will keep all your plants in one spot.

It's also a great idea if you have kids for pets. That way, you can keep your plants away from them and any possible accidents. I would never have thought of that.

If you're intimidated by the idea of customizing this cabinet for your plants, don't be.

It's really not that hard. Or you can ask your handy husband to do it for you, ha, ha. That's what I would do, wink, wink.

So what do you think of this indoor greenhouse Ikea cabinet idea?

Do you think you can do it yourself? I have to admit I think I would ask my hubby for help. But I really do love the whole concept of it.