Fans Are Unimpressed With 'Grey's Anatomy' For Killing Off A Long-Running Character

Oh, Grey's Aantomy.

Just when fans think we can breathe easy, another character bites the dust. And it's not just any character, it's a beloved one.

We're really starting to wonder if we need to forward our therapy bills to the show.

If you're still reeling from the last episode, take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Come sob through these fan reactions.

*Grey's Anatomy* is one of the most popular shows on television.


Since its very first episode, it has captured our interest and our hearts.

For those who managed to stay with the show through the heartbreak, it remains one of the most iconic shows of all time.

If there's any show that knows how to tear at the heartstrings, it's *Greys Anatomy*.


After 17 seasons, the show, created by Shonda Rhimes, has killed off several of its beloved characters.

One of the most devastating was Derek Shepherd, or McDreamy, who died in Season 11.

The fan-favorite was a brilliant neurosurgeon and also the love of Meredith Grey's life.


Before his untimely death shook fans to their very core, he had married Meredith and the pair welcomed three children together.

Fans were so happy to finally see the couple together and so happy.

He was killed in a car accident after pulling over to help victims in a car crash.

When he returned to his car and pulled back onto the road, he was struck by a semi-truck.

Meredith was the one who had to make the call to take him off life support.

Of course, plenty of heartbreaking deaths also came before and after Derek.


Between George, Lexie, Mark, and oh so many more, it's hard to choose which Grey's death is the absolute worse.

Shonda Rhimes really likes to make us cry for hours on end.

The latest happened on the Season 17 spring premiere, which featured a crossover event with *Station 19*.

It all started with Andrew DeLuca and Carina following the human trafficker, Opal, from the previous season.

When the show rolled from Station 19 to Grey's Anatomy, DeLuca had been stabbed by someone who was likely working with Opal.

While fans breathed a sigh of relief over Owen and Teddy performing surgery on DeLuca and saying that he was stable, it wouldn't be *Grey's Anatomy* without some shocking twist.

At the end of the episode, it cut to show DeLuca sitting on the same beach that Meredith has been on all season.

Fans then knew that he had died when they saw him embrace his mother and walk off.


At that same moment, an intern called his time of death: he didn't make it after his second surgery.

If you feel chills just from reading that, just imagine how fans have been feeling since watching it.

It didn't take long for them to take to Twitter to react to the show killing off another beloved character.

Many were upset over Meredith losing yet another love.

While she and DeLuca weren't dating at the time of his death, she still cared for him.

Fans feel like fools for thinking that we'd get a happy episode for once.

"waiting for 3 months and y’all come back with this!!!" wrote this user.

Why do we continuously allow this show to hurt us? Do we secretly like the pain?? dials therapist

The list of beloved character deaths just keeps on growing.

This has fans fired up, thirsty for answers from Shonda Rhimes. "HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME AGAIN SHONDA," wrote this fan.

"Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized you Shonda Rhimes," another wrote. raises hand

DeLuca's death reminded some fans of Mark Sloan's passing.

If you remember, he made it through the plane crash in Season 9, unscathed, only to later unexpectedly succumb to his injuries.

At the end of the day, we're just not okay. WE NEED JUSTICE.

Some fans, however, are seeing the bright side to this.

Meredith has spent most of Season 17 bedridden in the hospital due to COVID-19.

This has given her lots of time on the beach with McDreamy, or McWidow. So with DeLuca out of the picture, we could see a Denny/Izzie situation happening.

Days later, fans are still reeling from the events of the episode.

If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan you definitely get it.

We major fans don't simply move on from a major character death. It is not in our nature to do!

Now, we want to hear from you.

What do you think about Grey's Anatomy killing off DeLuca? Did you see it coming? Are you as angry as I am?

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