Newsflash — Music Award Shows Aren't For Kids

Hi. Hello. Welcome to the real world, where everything on television isn't family-friendly. When I was younger, if my parents didn't think it was appropriate for me to watch certain music award shows, they would simply change the channel. What a concept!

Now, in 2021, upset Grammys viewers have decided to lash out at the artists, and the show itself, on social media.

The 2021 Grammys were an absolute riot.

Since the event was much more intimate than usual, it felt like we were watching a party of gorgeous, talented friends cheering each other on.

It was great!

Then, like many music award shows in the past, there was a performance that wasn't family-friendly.

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B took to the stage in the final hour of the show to perform their hit single, "WAP."

Despite the fact that viewers were warned the performance would be spicy, many still chose to keep the show on and then take to social media to complain about its spicy-ness.

The decision to let Cardi B and Megan perform their song was not the issue.

The issue was people not understanding that not every single thing on television is made for children — there are Kids Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards for a reason!

While most of the performances were more low-key, there was a warning that the show was intended for those 14+ for a reason!

It seems unfair to attack women for their music and performances on an award show meant for adults.

If you're cautious about what your children watch, pre-recording the show and fast-forwarding things you don't approve of is a good compromise!

And let's be clear, this is not the first, or last time, these music award shows will come under fire.

These shows haven't been family-friendly for years! I remember when I was younger, Britney Spears was called out for the same thing! Who can forget the backlash she got for her now iconic 2001 VMAs performance? Or the even more iconic 2003 VMAs kiss between her and Madonna?! People were PISSED!

Maybe, one day, we will all just accept that there's no harm in changing the channel!