Nike Releases Ad Featuring Real Pregnant And Breastfeeding Moms

Many women over the years have been outspoken that advertisements don't always cater to showing the truth of pregnancy or breastfeeding. Women are always wondering why big brands don't want mothers to feel seen for exactly who they are.

Now, Nike has come out with an advertisement that answers the questions of all women.

Unsplash | George Pagan III

Nike has released a new advertisement that includes pregnant, breastfeeding, and new moms in their athletes campaign, letting women know they are all athletes.

The ad is posted on Nike's Instagram page.

“Can you be an athlete? You, pregnant? You, a mother? That depends,” the advertisement asks, showing various pregnant women.

The advertisement includes some of the biggest names in the sports industry.

Female athletes from various sports including Serena Williams, Alex Morgan, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Perri Shakes-Drayton, Nia Ali, and Bianca Williams all appear in the commercial.

The clip showcases that all women are athletes, no matter what stage of their lives they're in.

“What is an athlete? Someone who moves? Sounds like you. Someone who gets it done, no matter what? You do that. Someone who listens to her body. Also you," the ad says.

The ad emphasizes how important women are.

"Someone who defies gravity. You. Someone who deals with the pain, hits her limit, and pushes past it. Pushing, pushing, pushing," the ad says.

They ad ends saying if mothers aren't athletes, no one is.

"Someone who earns every single win. You, you, you. So can you be an athlete? If you aren't, no one is," the ad continues."

The ad was created for the new Nike Maternity line.

The Nike line, which launched in September 2020, is featured in the advertisement on the various athletes and mothers.

People online absolutely loved the ad.

One woman commented saying 10 years ago, when she was pregnant and working out, no one was interested in showing images of pregnant athletes. It's nice to see that people are finally accepting women being able to be athletic and pregnant.

Others said that as a new mom and fitness person, it's relatable.

New moms feel seen that they're allowed to have more than one title. You can be a new mom and be an athlete at the same time!