Five-Year-Old Girl Writes Parents A Persuasive Letter To Change Her Name

Many parents choose names for their children that mean something special or is important to them. Not all kids love their names, though. Sometimes, kids go through phases where they totally hate their names. So, they try to convince their parents to change it.

While some kids try, most are not successful.

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Most kids grow out of the "I hate my name" phase and give up. But, one TikTok mom shared that her daughter has gone through quite a lot to convince her parents that the name they picked was the wrong one.

TikTok user, Bri, has a five-year-old daughter named "Charlie."

Bri's daughter, Charlie, has been dying to change her name from Charlie to Charlotte. She just likes Charlotte better.

Her parents, however, were not convinced.

Charlie was not happy, so she looked online and found out in Indiana, where they live, it costs $200 to change your name legally.

Charlie decided to take matters into her own hands.

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Showing her parents that she really wanted this, she decided she would try and raise the money on her own.

Charlie made friendship bracelets and began selling them at cheer practice.

Her mom thought she may make a little bit of money, but instead, she ended up coming home with $150 from her bracelet sales.

Her parents were blown away.

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Bri tells TikTok users she had thought Charlie would make a few dollars here and there, but never anticipated she would make that much off of friendship bracelets.

She even wrote some persuasive letters to her parents.

She wrote a couple of opinionated letters stating why her parents should agree and allow her to change her name from Charlie to Charlotte, too.

The mom even shared what the letter said.

“Dear mommy and daddy, I like it better than Charlie, Charlotte is a girl name and it’s the prettiest name ever. I don’t like Charlie, Charlotte is my passion. Love, Charlie," the letter said.

She explained why she liked the name "Charlotte" better.

"Charlotte is a better name than Charlie, Charlotte makes me feel strong. Charlotte makes me feel independent. Charlotte makes me feel pretty. Charlotte makes me feel creative and Charlotte makes me feel loved," it continued.

And, she even had a special message for her dad.

"To dad, I know you don’t want me to change my name, but can we change my name for me, please?”

The mom, stuck on what to do, asked TikTok for advice.

Some people said she has shown nothing but dedication and commitment, as she has been trying for over a year.

One person pointed out that she can use "Charlie" as a nickname.

If the name Charlie was so meaningful to Bri and her husband, they can use it as a nickname of Charlotte.

Others said this could be a good life lesson.

Some said if the parents let her change her name, it's a life lesson that she can do anything that she puts her mind to.

And, one girl said she went through this herself as a child.

One TikTok user said she wanted to go by her middle name instead of her given name, and did the same thing with her parents. And, now, she is going to law school!

Bri shared an update that they are "holding out" on the decision.

In her latest update, Bri shared that her husband is holding out on the decision as he is the one who originally chose the name, Charlie. Maybe the responses to these videos will convince him to change his mind.

What do you think, readers, should the parents let her change her name?