14+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘I Want What They’re Having’

We can all see things in life that make us a bit jealous, be it a person who is super relaxed, someone finding money on the floor, or even seeing someone in a car we want.

So, to highlight some of the weirder examples of this feeling, here are 14+ moments that made us go "I want what they're having!"

"There was an attempt to sleep in the doghouse."

Something tells me that this little guy has had a fair too many drinks and this is his drunken Snoopy impression.

"Mixed Drink Dispenser."

This would be perfect if they only had put Coke in it instead of Pepsi, that's just barbaric.

"So many takers!"

Hey now, the banjo can be an incredibly pleasant sounding instrument! Have people never heard Noam Pikelny play the banjo? Can't believe I'm sticking up for the banjo so much, but I've committed now.

"I'm remodelling my basement and all the ceiling tiles were just removed. I found my cat like this."

That surely cannot be comfortable? Someone also suggested that instead of tiling the ceiling they could just buy a load more cats.

"Pretending to be a sophisticated, tea-drinking adult while in a Zoom meeting, when really..."

Now just pour in the tea as well and turn it into a really weird form of cereal! I'm sure it'll taste great!

An Interesting Proposal!

"Damn, I dropped my biscuit in my tea."

"Well, you know what will help..."

"Please, Dave, not the wolves again!"

"The perfect license plate for the perfect car!"

Christ, I don't know where this is that they are getting the likes of scorpions and black widows but I'm glad I don't live there!

"This sign cracks me up!"

"Dave, if you'd put your hands out to save yourself instead of doing jazz hands then you wouldn't have broken your hip!"

"Oh, so I'm just meant to fall and not do jazz hands? Jeez, get a grip."

"Some won't enjoy it, but you will."

So, if you have a deceased loved one who loved Tool and/or Boston, then you know who to call!

"IKEA Snowmen."

You'll still need to take it back as one of the pieces will be wrong knowing IKEA though. I know that every snowflake is meant to be unique but IKEA would still find a way to send you two of the same piece.

"Subway has stooped too low..."

I bet they had these puns bready for when they got asked to change the sign!

I'll show myself out.

"Welcome to Jurassic Park!"

Well that is a tad more exciting of an reason to be stuck in traffic than someone having been in a fender bender!

"I Need One Of These."

Ssshhhh, she's focussing her mind on realising her new financial statement. Either that or she's been bored to sleep by this book.

"Saw it today while getting gas."

I cannot fault whoever owns this, what a sublime piece of machinery. It's so terrible, it is almost perfect.

"The universal pandemic experience: Eating garbage and falling asleep on the nearest comfortable thing."

I wish I could be like this what I would be saying if I wasn't already exactly like this pig.

"'Hey, does your dog bite?' 'Oh no, he throws bricks!'"

Wow, he's really holding onto that brick for dear life. I feel like Pedigree Dentasticks should be using this dog to advertise their product!

"This is the most perfect photo I took in 7 years as a cat owner."

Do not put that burger down or take your eyes off it, or the cat, for a second. They're wily creatures who have no respect for food ownership.

"Asked my husband to label our leftovers. 'Sure babe,' he tells me."

It would be even weirder if this person wasn't called Rachel, and he was referring to someone else.