Quotes For Anyone Whose Brain Is Constantly Refreshing

For many of us that often find ourselves forgetting...well, pretty much everything at a rather impressive frequency, life can be a bit frustrating.

Whether it's where we put our car keys or it's grandma's birthday, there tends to be a list of things that not only disappear from our radars but also somehow fail to be marked on our calendars.

Here are a few quotes that all of us forgetful people may actually remember.

Here's one for those who can't figure out what they were doing. Like, *ever.*

There's nothing like getting up to do something specific and then suddenly standing in the middle of the room with a blank stare, wondering why you're standing there in the first place.

For those of us that experience this at least once a day, we can't help but laugh at such a phenomenon and then wonder what we're laughing about two seconds later.

This quote is for those with selective memories that we don't remember selecting.

It's baffling how so many of us can remember the embarrassing second grade school play while almost instantly forgetting what we ate for breakfast this morning.

We didn't choose this life, this life chose us...we think.

This one is for those of us that like to think we're prepared, but aren't really.

Forgetful people are often trying not to be so forgetful, and dare we say, try to be one of those organized human beings that remember a few things.

However, most of the time we get about halfway there and then panic when we discover that we're actually less than a third there and don't remember what to do next.

Finally, this is one for those that are one forgetful day away from amnesia.

The forgetful life is an adventure, things can go from forgetting where we left our favorite pen to forgetting our doctor's appointment and then eventually forgetting our own birthdays.

We can't always recall everything, but one thing a forgetful person never forgets is just how forgetful they are.

Let us know if any or all of these quotes resonated with you in the comments.

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