Jennifer Lopez Shares Heated Message After Rumors Of Split From Alex Rodriguez

Don't mess with J.Lo!

Jennifer Lopez is the kind of celebrity where everything she does makes headlines — and usually that's a good thing, when it comes to things like her Super Bowl performance, hit movies, or legendary music career. When it comes to her personal life, Jennifer isn't so happy about it, and she's not afraid to speak out.

It's always tough when we hear about a beloved celebrity couple splitting, even if it's only rumors.

It makes us feel like there's just a little bit less love in the world, especially when it comes to a couple that we thought were really going to go the distance.

One couple a lot of people felt were perfect for each other was Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

I mean, come on, even down to the names!

JLo and ARod, together at last? What wasn't to love about a mega famous singer and actress finally settling down with one of the most iconic names in sports? That's basically a modern day fairy tale!

The couple has been together four years.

They've even been engaged for two of them, although the global pandemic has put a delay on their wedding plans, Jennifer revealed, saying, "We had to cancel the wedding … because of COVID, because of the quarantine. And we actually did it twice, which people don’t know."

On March 12th, it was reported that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had broken up.

TMZ reported that the couple had broken up following possible rumors of infidelity.

The couple has taken the time to respond to these reports.

It looks like things aren't so black and white!

"We are working through some things," the couple said via a joint statement.

Later on, in an interaction with paparazzi where he was asked if the couple was “working on it," Alex gave them a thumbs up, then answered the question "are you single?" with a "no."

Jennifer's response to the rumor mill is classic Jenny from the block.

Jennifer shared a video to her Instagram showing a montage of clips, photos, and videos of the star looking incredible while a song by rapper Saweetie played. In one clip, headlines referring to various scandals in Jennifer's life flash on screen, including two referencing the breakup, while the lyrics go, “I ain’t worried ’bout a blog.”

Fans have been expressing their opinions on the drama on social media.

"I know it’s not our business but I’m going to need an explanation from Jlo and Arod," one fan shared.

"Like a lot couples during covid lockdowns ARod and JLo probably learned a lot about themselves and each other," one fan wrote.

Others were more hopeful about the news.

Some fans speculated about what Jennifer Lopez being single could mean for her famous ex-boyfriends like Ben Affleck or P. Diddy.

I guess we might not be finding that out just yet!

You can watch the video for yourself right here.

What do you think about all this drama? Are you pulling for Jennifer and Alex, or do you think they should just call time? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!