Reddit Users Discuss Which Movies Were So Bad They Had To Leave The Theater

Not all movies are a hit.

There are some movies that tank the box office, score super low on Rotten Tomatoes, and even anger the fans.

Some movies were even so bad, people had to leave the movie theatre! These are the ones where fans demand their money back.

Curious to see which ones made the list? Keep reading.

*The Amazing Spider-Man 2*

This Reddit user found this movie so bad, it actually ruined the entire Spider-Man franchise for them.

They wrote that the movie "did everything wrong," from the characters to the story to the villains to forcing a Peter Parker love story.

*The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies*


"I'm a huge LOTR fan, and i had some expectations that the hobbit trilogy would be a nice companion piece, but it was an unrelenting snoozefest that beat me into submission." - Redditor Robgoblin_

*Suicide Squad*

It wasn't just movie reviewers that criticized this movie. Many fans of the DC universe were also let down.

One fan called it "one of the worst superhero movies to ever come out" and even said that it was "almost as bad as Catwomen."

*Vantage Point*

Some action films are a hit or a miss. This one was a miss.

"The worst attempt at 'same story, different perspectives' I have ever half-witnessed (at the halfway point I just couldn't take it anymore and we left)." - Redditor Mystecore

*Zoolander 2*

A sad plot made this movie unbearable to watch. This dark plot involved Zoolander being depressed over accidentally killing his wife and letting himself go as a result.

"Dude it was bizarre. It's worth a watch just for the trainwreck aspect," wrote this user.

*The Happening*

"I believe it was the part where mark whalburg started talking to the house plant was the moment I walked out. Also, the chemistry between him and Zooey deschanel was nonexistent." - Redditor Abschristrat

*Batman and Robin*

A lot of people choose to forget this movie existed. To this day, it's considered the worst Batman movie ever made.

"It was just...too much," wrote this Reddit user. Yep, not even George Clooney could save that one!


"Honestly, it felt like a really long skit where they just kept dragging it out and never got to the punchline. There was room to be funny but I think they absolutely missed the mark because it didn't feel like a regular comedy while watching it in terms of setup/pacing/etc." - Redditor Canarmane

*Sausage Party*

With a cast of comedic greats, such as Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig and Edward Norton, people had high hopes for this animated film.

And... it did not deliver. "15 minutes in I hated it, stayed for about an hour and had to leave. That movie was awful," wrote this user.

*Alice in Wonderland*

"The 2010 Alice in Wonderland was so horribly Tim Burton- so over-the-top, nonsensically, poor narrative mumbo jumbo that I had to end the torture. Can't thing of another movie I ever hated too much to even stay." - Redditor WorldWasWideEnough

*Good Luck Chuck*

The movie has five percent on Rotten Tomatoes for a reason... it's pretty bad.

With Jessica Alba and Dane Cook as the movie leads, it just didn't stand a chance at being successful. Best of luck next time, Dane!

*Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen*

A lot of Reddit users are really on the fence about the Transformers franchise.

"It was just so stupid and when they introduced two jive talking robots I said hell no, told my friends i would wait outside and just left." - Redditor capcalhoon

*Grown Ups 2*

Adam Sandler has always had it rough when it comes to movie reviews.

"The movie is just a series of incredibly boring things that happen for no particular reason and in no particular order," wrote this user.

*Thor: The Dark World*

"Chalk up a monumental disappointment for Marvel, what a genuinely [expletive] film that was. The only redeemable aspect was the score by Brian Tyler, but past that, everything in that film had gone to nonredeemable territory." - Redditor TheAdventurousWriter

*Spring Breakers*

James Franco with a grill of gold teeth. Need we say more?

This Redditor agreed, writing, "If you've seen it then you know why nearly my entire showing (less than 20 people) had already walked out before the half hour mark."

*Cloud Atlas*

"I literally fell asleep after half an hour, woke up around the hour mark not having a clue where I was or what was going on in the film, so got up and left. Still not seen it." - Redditor JHmackem

*You Don't Mess with the Zohan*

"It's the only movie I have ever walked out of. I was 13 or so, excited to see a funny spy movie. Then he became a barber who had sex with all the old ladies, and it was the worst plot twist, and maybe stupidest thing I had ever seen." - Redditor sundog12100

*Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides*

By the fourth film in a franchise, writers are usually starting to run out of ideas.

This led to a horrible plot that caused this Reddit user to get up and leave after the mermaid attack happened.

*Meet the Spartans*

"Holy [expletive] what an awful movie. I just couldn't take the [expletive] pop culture references. I honestly don't remember why I bought tickets in the first place. I was in 8th grade so maybe my friends dragged me to it." - Redditor UrNotAMachine