Dog Notices Man Struggling In Icy Pond And Alerts Owner: 'Nothing Short Of Heroic'

Dogs aren't given the title of man's best friend for nothing. They have some truly fierce loyalty, sometimes even for humans they don't actually know.

One dog recently noticed a man in trouble and quickly alerted his owner. It was the difference between life and death, and this dog came to the rescue and really saved the day.

It's started during as an ordinary walk.

According to a press release from Stoneham Fire Department, the 5-year-old dog named Diesel was going on a walk with his owner, Thomas Walsh. They were enjoying the Massachusetts' Quarter Mile Pond when Diesel spotted a man in the icy water and knew something was wrong.

It was an intense situation.

Walsh, who was wearing his headphones, was alerted by Diesel that there was an emergency. Upon noticing the incident himself, Walsh called 911 and then tried to help the 22-year-old man struggling in the partially frozen pond.

Fortunately, another man came to assist them, and he and Walsh were able to get a tree branch to help the young man.

With the power of team work, the young man was rescued.

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After the person in the pond used the rest of his strength to grab onto the tree branch, the other two men were able to pull him out. Following that, the rescue team arrived.

“We are grateful for this outcome and for Diesel alerting his owner that something was wrong,” Chief Grafton said in the release. “The two men who helped the patient get to shore did the right thing by calling 911 immediately and using a branch to help pull him in rather than trying to get in the water themselves. These actions helped to save a man’s life this afternoon and are nothing short of heroic.”

It was fortunate that Diesel was there.

If Diesel wouldn't have noticed what was happened and alerted his owner, there's no telling whether the young man would have survived or not. This dog is really the furry friend that saved the day.

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h/t: Stoneham Fire Department

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