10+ Solutions That Look A Little Silly But Work

Sometimes the best solutions are the... silliest? Stay with me on this one. We've rounded up some unusual lifehacks from the internet and I'll be the first to admit that they look a little weird. But, do they work? Oh, yes. Yes, they do.

Finally, a use for bread tags.

We all know that bread tag comes off the first time you open the bread, and it never goes back on again. Repurpose it for some laundry line efficiency!

Don't have the right size lid for your pan? Not a problem.

Simply use a smaller lid to create a little steam pocket! This is a life saver for those of us who have a billion pan and pot lids that don't fit over anything.

Kinda mad I never thought of this.

"You can connect two ziplock bags by flipping one inside out to make a larger one."

I am absolutely furious I never thought to do this. I don't know why I would, but still.

This looks hilarious, but it totally works.

If your cutlery organizer keeps shifting around in your drawer, no worries: there's a hack for that. Use chopsticks to hold it in place against the back of the drawer! Genius.

Now THIS would lead to a harmonious work environment.

"Someone at my work created a clock out of two cups to keep track of how fresh the coffee is."

This would save many lives, I just know it.

Well, damn.

"Changed the one ear phone rubber to black. Black is right, white left, to quickly see which is which."

Okay, so there's a galaxy brain idea for you.

This one had me HOWLING.

"I was running late for work and couldn't find her leash, this is how I walked my dog this morning." This is the definition of "it's not stupid if it works,"

When in need...

"Got her spayed and the vet didn’t have cones small enough."

Work with what you've got, even if what you've got is a novelty paper plate with a poorly executed meme from Wreck-It-Ralph.

I guarantee you have the supplies for this one.

There's very few things you can guarantee every house has, but I'm willing to bet you have toilet paper rolls. At least, I hope you do. Anyway, use them for wrapping paper storage!

I'm not gonna object to this one.

I've seen worse ideas. I've definitely seen better, for sure, but I've seen worse. It'll get the job done, and that's all that matters here.

This one might not even be stupid — it might actually be genius.

Hello, greatest bathroom hack I have ever seen.

"Paper towel holders in the bathroom. Small tray plus room to hold two TP rolls. Change the roll without that stupid spring."

Pardon me while I pick up a paper towel roll holder.

These men are wise.

"An upside down umbrella keeps all your tools and fittings from the bottom of the ocean."

Okay! Okay, I see the wisdom here, and I support it. Give these men awards.

Use floss to get a ring off.

This tried and true method sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it always works. If you have a ring that you can't get off, wrap floss around your finger to squish your finger down and slide it off!

Sometimes, it's this simple.

Do you have a window that's off center, and absolutely no inclination (or budget) to fix that? Get a pair of curtains and trick they eye! I'm obsessed with this level of lazy genius.