Foster Parents Hold 'Gender Reveal Party' To Announce 12-Year-Old Daughter's Adoption

Gender reveals have become something that is popular and synonymous with having children nowadays. Whenever a couple finds they are expecting, they like to throw lavish parties where they reveal what gender their baby will be — boy or girl.

Gender reveals have become controversial, however.

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Many people feel that gender is not a constructed norm given at birth, so having gender reveals are "moot." Others feel that it's simply a waste of money and time.

And, there are some gender reveals that are dangerous.


One gender reveal gone wrong caused an entire wildfire in California that ruined hundreds of people's lives and homes.. There have been numerous other injuries associated with over-the-top gender reveals.

there have been many debates stemming from gender reveals, too.

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Many people are outspoken that children have the right to choose their own gender. Sometimes, it's the one assigned at birth. Other times, it's something they feel they need to change.

With all of the controversy surrounding gender reveals, the trend's popularity is fading.

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Now that there have been a lot of controversies surrounding them, many are straying away from throwing the "gender reveal" party that became so popular in the last decade.

There are, however, some instances that gender reveal parties are amazing.

While you may be against gender reveal parties, there are some that are so touching and heart-warming that we just can't stop swooning.

One couple on TikTok recently threw a gender reveal party that has gone viral for the right reasons.

Charlette and Dan Fontaine, a married couple living in Manitoba, Canada, recently shared a TikTok video of their gender reveal that is gaining a ton of popularity.

In the video, the couple stands with the typical, black "gender reveal" balloon.

As with other gender reveals, someone pops the balloon to see what color the confetti will be — blue or pink. Except, this one was slightly different.

Their 12-year-old daughter came to pop the balloon.

Their daughter comes to pop the balloon using a pin, and the confetti is pink. They announced they are having... a 12-year-old girl!

The reason behind the "late" gender reveal is heartwarming.

The couple decided to have the reveal to celebrate the adoption of their daughter, who they have been fostering for the last four years.

People online loved this.

Many said it was the "only gender reveal" they want to see, and that it was wholesome and special.

Some were skeptical until the end.

Some people loved how the end turned out because, at first, they weren't loving the gender reveal aspect. But, it was sweet to do this for an adoption.

Others said they loved the idea and the adoption.

Many commented on the video speaking from experience of being adopted later in life. Others found the excitement of the parents to be so sweet.

Many said that this family is just too sweet.

Some people just loved this video so much, they wished they were even part of the family, too.

One person said that adopting older children really is amazing.

So many forget that older children in the foster system are looking for loving parents and homes, too.

Many chimed in and added this this.

Others shared that there are many older kids are in foster care and group homes because everyone "wants a baby." These parents are so amazing!

How wonderful! Congrats to this family!

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