Questionable Pics People Shared That Have Us Confused But Fascinated

It's impossible to make it through life without a questionable decision or two. Things don't always go as planned, it's natural!

Some peoples' questionable decisions reach a wider audience, though, sowing a mix of curiosity and worry. Then, people like me spread them even further with this list of weird pics that filled us all the way up with questions.

"This yogurt using biohazards symbol as its logo."

Are we sure that's all it is, or have people been eating radioactive yogurt?

"What would cause my friends lawn to look like this after the snow melted?"

No, the ground isn't splitting open to reveal some horror beneath, it's just voles. Apparently, they get pretty busy in the winter!

"This is all the text on the mug, can anybody figure out what it means?"

No. At least, not on its own.

The mug is half of a set, and when put together they do make a rather sweet sentiment.

"Husbands bedside cup holder."

You're married to this guy and you let him live like this? Just get him a nightstand, please, I'm begging you.

"I found this weird thing in my Star Crunch. It bleeds red for some reason and has 3 vertical lines."

The use of the word 'bleeds' here is incredibly unsettling. Someone guessed it was the tip of a marker, which...also isn't great, it's just bad all around.

"Why not cement rocks on your toilet."

The least comfortable bathroom in existence, in both a physical and mental sense. And that's not even considering the cleaning process.

"E e r Furtevntua."

Yeah, I give up on this one. I've been looking at it for a while and I just can't even begin to guess what it's supposed to say.

"This means ‘the driver’s door is not fully closed’."

You'd think they would just put that instead of making you solve their riddles three.

"I was out for a walk and i saw this bedazzled car in my neighbourhood."

I feel bad knocking car decor like this. At least they're being unique, and probably severely reducing the likelihood of it being stolen.

'Emergency' exit.

A fire escape with no doors and no stairs. Right now they're just glorified balconies.

"Photo of a certain hair care product being sold in Dubai. That's one way of terrifying your customers."

Wow. Every part of this disconcerting. From the photo to the fact that this looks like soda rather than shampoo.

"Blender on a bike - no it didn't work."

Aw, it didn't? Color me shocked. It's a fun conversation piece if you decide to keep it like this, though.

"My Neighbors have an airplane in their front yard."

No need to decorate for Halloween or Christmas when you have a plane on your lawn!

"Saw this in an Ali Express review for contact paper."

Okay, if you're going to make the already questionable decision to contact paper your fridge, at least do all of it and make sure the paper is all facing the same direction.

"[A] confusing message on the side of my [Dr. Pepper] can [...]."

The alternating capitals, the thought that a major brand of soda can be misunderstood, none of this makes any sense!

"Found on railroad track, and it smelled like flesh decay. Multiple piles on the track within a short distance."

Not sure how anyone was able to identify this, but apparently it's soybean meal. Transported on trains, smells awful when it gets wet, all the signs were there.

"Your generosity could lead to a fatality donate to a local charity today!"

As someone in the comments clarified, it's a sign about panhandling as reaching out of your car to give money can be dangerous.

However, I think there were better, less confusing ways to make that statement.

"This lamp that looks like a Jello mold."

Somehow, this makes me feel less ill than seeing an actual jello mold meal.

"My teacher made us mini [Cheeto] bag keychains by putting them in her oven on low temp."

I don't want to knock a teacher who was just trying to do something nice for her students, but next time just give them the Cheetos.

"Root beer flavored vape juice flavored root beer."

So is it vape juice or root beer? There are actually two ways to find out, choose wisely.

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