18+ People Who Found Funny In Odd Places

No matter where you look in this world there are always funny little details lurking around just waiting to be noticed.

So, from books that will give you an electric shock to messages from God found in toilets, here are 17+ people who found funny in strange places!

"A lady posted this on a 'DIY doodle grooming' FB page and said they think they messed up and I cannot stop laughing."

Oh wow, they have somehow managed to make this dog look like a mixture of Alf and, for some reason, Hank Marvin.

"Some won't enjoy it, but you will."

Nothing quite captures the essence of a sombre, respectful funeral quite like someone beatboxing Tool's greatest hits.

"Uhmm, Elmo? Are you alright bud?"

Everyone who grew up with a Tickle Me Elmo will probably be horrified by this, and rightly so. The person who did this has a really weird sense of humor!

"Found at my school..."

"Dave, I really don't think that Richard is a good choice for a name."

"Trust me, it'll toughen him up if nothing else!"

"This shocking book titled 'Famous Nudes' is actually a circa 1970 practical joke novelty that shocks whoever opens it."

Christ, what a delightfully elaborate way to give people an electric shock. One other person also added, "We had one in the 80s titled 'female sexual secrets'. My brother thought the shock was too wimpy so he replaced the 1.5 volt battery with a 9 volt and didn't tell us. Ouch!"

"I found a squirrel eating fried chicken in a tree."

Well, that's it, I've found the animal that I feel most captures my own spirit. You eat that fried chicken, you've earned it...probably.

"Icicle being hung by a few strands of spider web."

Spider webs may be incredibly strong but their main skill lies in being incredibly infuriating when you accidentally walk through one and get it all over your face.

"Fiancé is a mailman and found this on his route."

Even nature cannot wait for the hairdressers to open again by the looks of things. Good to see that Mother Nature is in the same boat as the rest of us.

"Silly walk clock."

Sure, it might make it a bit more difficult to tell the time, but that's not all a clock is for anyway...well, sort of.

"This picture of a cloud I took that looks like a horse arm wrestling a beaver."

Either that or it looks like a horse and a beaver doing the handshake from Predator, which I much prefer to imagine.

"This is the most perfect photo I took in 7 years as a cat owner."

Typically, my cat isn't too fussed by burgers. But, you try and bring a bit of fish into the room and she will tear armies apart to get to it.

"Decisions, decisions..."

And people wonder why birds are always trying to get into places like Costco and make nests in the rafters, just look at what they can get their wings on!

"Finally, a lotion that gets me."

Some people just want to keep their skin soft and not smell like a vat of figs, and that's okay!

"Found the pot o' gold!"

I can just imagine someone on a long journey desperate for the toilet seeing this on the horizon like a gift from God.

"This 4-Eared Squirrel That Lives In My Backyard!"

It looks like this little guy knows that you're talking about his extra ears! In fairness, it's no surprise he could hear you, he must have great hearing.

"Locals in Puerto Rico painted this mural. They made sure to include the dog that chills there often."

"Excuse me, can you move, this is my spot. Oh, give me the old silent treatment eh? Yeah, well, I'm just going to sit in front of you!"

"Found this hanging up at my vet's office."

What is slightly unsettling though is that this wasn't drawn by the vet's child but by the vet just last week.

"The wine I ordered online came with a tiny set of dice packaged inside a hollow cork."

This is absolutely adorable. The person who posted this went on to say that, "It [also] came in a little box with a yatzee scorecard and pencil."

Good To Know!

I wonder how many people had their last words as, "Y'know, I reckon I'm faster than that bull!"


I want to know why the magic word that makes her relinquish her grasp is "Peanuts." I feel like there is a story there.

"I made a prom dress out of recycled Doritos bags from my school cafeteria."

I think that it is a fantastic achievement, but all I would be worried about would be the smell!

"They really do!"

"I'm so sorry, I didn't realise it was a joke."

"Please, just get out of here."

"Can you at least wash my car?"

"Not now we can't."

"This shell cutter at a restaurant has a message for people who steal it."

Ironically, there is something about this message that makes it more appealing to steal!

"At my local yarn shop in Syracuse, NY."

Yeah, there is something really wrong if they had to put this sign up! Guys, don't rub a shop's products on your face, Christ!

"I Need One Of These."

Sure, you may laugh at her now, but when she wakes up from her realisation dreams she will be worth a fortune!

Abiding By The Law!

I am amazed that he actually managed to pull this off. It's making my head hurt to look at it!

"My childhood doctors' office has a mini door installed for younger patients."

This is painfully adorable. I think that I would squeeze myself through that door even as an adult.

"Not my job to draw hands!"

"Look, for the last time, I don't need any pictures of hands for reference!"

"Can't you at least look at your own hands?"

"No! I've never looked at them before and I refuse to start now!"

"My bank sent me 64 copies of the same debit card."

One inspired person did go on to suggest that they should, "Turn them into playing cards. All you have to do is to write numbers on their backs and you have the weirdest deck in existence"

"Knife broke where it says 'Flexible.'"

Now they have two knives I guess! Always important to try and find the silver lining in a situation!