Artist Paints An Old Record To Turn It Into A 'Spongebob' Porthole

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

You, actually. Or, better yet — you can live in a pineapple under the sea, thanks to a brilliant idea by Twitter user @lilmissleila, aka Leila. It won't take much to turn your home into an undersea oasis, and the returns? They'll be infinite.

Leila posted the record to her Twitter account, where it promptly blew up.

And when I said "blew up," I meant it. The tweet has over 649,000 likes. That's the kind of exposure artists dream about! Those two days were days well spent.

Take a look at this bad boy.

It's the perfect cartoon style that a piece Spongebob art deserves. I love the imperfect shadow along the left hand side. Those little details really make it feel like Bikini Bottom.

You can get your own record on Etsy!

Leila has her own Etsy account where she sells are incredible hand-painted records. You can get your own record for $30 on Etsy! Her current turnaround time is six weeks, but trust me — it's worth the wait.

You can even get a neighbor variant!

In case you're looking for some company down under the sea, you can get this amazing neighbor variant from SpellsandResin on Etsy! I love him so much, guys.