Kids Can Get A Singing 'Baby Shark' Vacuum That Actually Cleans The Floor

It's no secret that kids love to copy everything that we do, even when it comes to cleaning. If you take out a broom or a vacuum, I promise your kids are going to want to jump in on that fun at least for a little while.

But, we all know toy cleaning products would be so much better if they actually worked.

Now, parents can rejoice because there's a new toy that kids will love to use and it works, too. Just make sure you love hearing "Baby Shark" over and over again.

Pinkfong has come out with a vacuum that kids will love.

The "Baby Shark" vacuum not only sings the kid's favorite song, but it also has a suction on the vacuum that can pick up small things.

Kids love it and parents do, too.

According to Amazon reviews, kids are loving the toy and it actually works to pick up dirt and dust from the floor.

You can buy one for your toddler on Amazon.

The product has a 4-star review and retails for only $33.29. For that low price to get some help with cleaning, why not?!?

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