Brad Paisley's Free Grocery Store Has Provided 1 Million Meals To People In Need

What's the point in getting rich and famous if you can't use it to help others?

We all like to think that if (or when) we become famous stars, we'll put our money where our mouths are and really help the world around us by making it a better place than it was before.

Brad Paisley is living that dream!

If you know country music at all, you know Brad Paisley.

You definitely know him for his hits like 'Whiskey Lullaby,' 'I'm Gonna Miss Her,' 'Online,' 'Waitin' On A Woman,' 'No I In Beer,' and tons more, but if you don't know him for that, you probably know him for another huge part of his life: his free grocery store.

Last year, Brad and his wife opened The Store, a free grocery store for those in need.

The Store is unique in that it functions exactly like a regular grocery store — people can come in, walk the aisles, pick up what they need, and check out (although they don't pay at the check out).

"It's literally a program to get people back on their feet," Brad said in a recent interview.

Brad revealed that The Store has helped more people than he would've imagined.

"That's another thing about this pandemic that's an unexpected sort of blessing. We were hit with this crazy demand," he said, noting that during the pandemic The Store was providing meals on delivery to those in need in the Nashville community.

Brad explained that they had more than doubled what they expected to be able to achieve.

"We expected to do about 300,000 meals last year and we ended up doing a million in January," Brad revealed. "We weren't even a year old yet. I don't know how we did it, but you rise to it in a time like this, I think."

What an amazing story!