9-Year-Old Girl Sobs With Joy When Told She's Going Back To In-Person School

The pandemic has taken a toll on people from all over the world, and for children, it has been an especially confusing time. Most schools have been closed since early 2020, and children have been forced to attend virtual classes.

They haven't been able to play with other children, engage in a classroom environment or even be able to meet their teachers in person. However, as vaccines become more widely accessible, things are quickly starting to change.

One little girl recently got the surprise of her life when it comes to in-person school, and the news was simply so overwhelming that she was brought to tears over it.

The 4th grader from California was trying to figure out what the big news was.

As ABC News reported, Clara Zanotto, a 9-year-old student in Redondo Beach School District in Redondo Beach, has been attending virtual classes for quite awhile now.

However, one day her mother began laying down some hints that things may be changing soon.

Her mother shared a reaction video that made everyone's hearts melt.

While some kids may not like the idea of returning to in-person classes, Zanotto has certainly been looking forward to it.

Her mother decided not to tell her directly and have her guess the big news by flashing her hints written on pieces of paper. While Zanotto was a little off by first guessing that they were getting a dog, her response to learning she's finally going back to school was right on the money.

It was a beautiful moment that highlights just how so many children have been struggling during the pandemic without traditional school.

Despite the excitement, some people are still wary of the risks involved with returning to in-person classes.

While there were plenty of comments from Twitter users gushing over the emotional moment, ("so sweet!" and "open up all the schools,") plenty of others expressed that they think it's far too soon.

As one person wrote, "Now imagine her reaction if her Abuela gets sick & dies because of Covid she transmitted to her from exposure at school."

Clearly, not everyone is ready to revel in the moment.

This is a very critical time for many families.

Sandy Millar l Unsplash

With many schools reopening, people around the world have different takes on whether it's too soon to end virtual learning. It's scary and does mean taking a risk but may very well turn out to be successful. Children are falling behind, not only in their academics but also in their social skills with so much time spent at home.

We can only hope that children like Zanotto can soon enjoy in-person school safely again.

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h/t: ABC News