Quotes That Have All The Moms In The Audience Saying 'So True'

Being a mom is an often overlooked superpower that takes up a lot of energy. Motherhood is a uniquely rewarding and tiresome experience filled with a lot of lessons and, let's say, unexpected occurrences.

We've compiled some quotes that embody some of the truths of living the mom life.

This one is for the moms who didn't sign up to be a personal chef.

Making lunches for the kids when they're little is one thing, but a lot of moms are wondering when they signed up to be culinary experts ready to treat the entire family to a banquet every single day.

Most moms are left wondering when someone else is going to cook or do the laundry or even just something.

Here's one for the moms who do what they need to do.

Motherhood presents the ever-so-daunting challenge of actually getting a few minutes of peace. So, some moms have to get creative and maybe just a little bit deceptive to get even a moment for themselves.

This quote speaks to the moms who just have to occasionally let it all out.

Even for the most loving moms, sometimes their kids just push all the wrong buttons and something has to be said.

Well, under your breath anyway.

Finally, this one is for the moms who know maternity wear is super versatile.

For a while, you tell yourself those stretchy pants and flowy tops are only for while you're still carrying baby in your tummy.

But flash-forward a couple years and you're pulling those comfy clothes out of your drawers every day because nothing makes you feel better than cozying up on the couch in an outfit that actually feels like it's on your side.

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