Makeup Artist Uses His Skills To Take Years Off His Clients' Appearances

It's every woman's dream to look young forever. Unfortunately, when we get older, our skin starts to show signs of aging. It's not always easy to deal with, and some women start to feel bad about the way they look.

So this talented makeup artist makes it his mission to help women of all ages look and feel beautiful again. Let's look at some of his best transformations.

Anar Agakishiev, a 32-year-old from Azerbaijan, is a true makeup wizard.

His skills are so top-notch he can make any woman look pretty much amazing. But it's his work with older ladies that really stands out. I'm not kidding you.

Agakishiev works out of his studio in Baku, making over hundreds if not thousands of women.

All of these ladies come to this extraordinary artist so he can work his magic on them. And when you look at the before-and-after pictures, you can definitely see why.

When the ladies first come to Anar, they don't look as happy as they should be.

But once he is done with their transformation, the smiles on their faces say it all. Look at the difference he made for this lady here.

I honestly don't know how this guy does it.

Anar's makeup skills are constantly impressing me. His team of talented folks assist him in his transformations. Together they create a cohesive look with both makeup and new hairdos. Wow, this is absolutely amazing.

Agakishiev's most impressive skills are truly unparalleled.

His ability to hide wrinkles, under-eye bags, discoloration, and other common signs of aging is definitely his calling. When you look at the after pictures, it's hard to imagine it's the same person, no?

When you're not happy with your skin, it can really show.

But once Anar's team is on your side, all is not lost. Case in point with this lady here. She now looks like a younger version of herself.

I bet it took Anar many years to develop his makeup skills.

And now he's able to make so many women happy with his amazing makeovers. Kudos to this wonderful man for helping older women feel gorgeous and confident in their skin again.

Women come to see Agakishiev and his team from near and far.

It must be such a thrill to have your makeup done by such a master. I would love to experience something like this in my lifetime. Wouldn't that be fun?

Wow, what a stunning transformation here, huh?

I'm sure this lady left the salon feeling like a brand new woman. I would love to be a fly on the wall to see her reaction when she saw herself in the mirror.

I hope these ladies can learn a thing or two from Anar and his beauty team.

It would be great for them to go home with newfound confidence, and then be able to take their makeup skills up a notch.

Look at the beautiful transformation of this lady here.

It's as if she got a facelift, but it was just the power of makeup. I'm really loving how her eyes are popping now. She looks so wonderful in her after picture, no?

Is it just me, or does this lady look at least 10 years younger here, huh?

I'm quite impressed with this after picture. What Agakishiev and his team did to this lady's skin is quite unbelievable. She now has a new lease on life.

I think this is probably Agakishiev's most dramatic transformation of them all.

I would never believe that this was the same woman looking at the before and after photos. I bet she was thrilled to leave his salon looking like this.

I'm so impressed with this young man's makeup skills.

I bet he's making so many ladies super happy with their looks. It must be an incredible feeling to know you're making a huge difference in people's lives. Do you agree with me?

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