Jamie Lee Curtis Jokes She Won't Show Cleavage For 'Another 5 Years' After Stunning Fans

If there's one thing I've known to be true my whole life, it's that Jamie Lee Curtis is outstanding in every single way. She is one of the few celebrities who deserves every single ounce of praise and respect the world has given her. She elevates everything she touches and knows what a superstar she is.

Sorry, is this an article and not just a lament to Jamie Lee Curtis? Sorry, I didn't notice.

As you may have seen, Jamie Lee Curtis completely stole the show at the Golden Globes last weekend.

She was absolutely radiating from the inside out! I love how she has chosen to embrace her natural grey hair and looks so gorgeous while doing it!

Viewers were instantly captivated by how beautiful she looked as she presented the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture to her friend Jodie Foster.

The internet essentially EXPLODED after Jamie Lee took the stage.

People could not get over how hot she looked at 62-years-old.

Needless to say, everyone wanted to know Jamie's anti-aging secret!

Naturally, we can only assume it's ACTIVIA!

Those commercials basically introduced an entire generation to yogurt.

Now that we're talking about it, I am craving some strawberry drinkable Activia!

Obviously, the yogurt jokes came rolling in.

"Activia, I’ve seen what you have done for Jamie Lee Curtis please bestow said blessings upon me. Amen," joked one Twitter user.

"Jamie Lee Curtis looks so good ... pass me the Activia," joked another.

Now, the actress is thanking fans for their support and praise, and joking about the next time fans will see her ~rocking~ chest again!

While chatting with The Today Show Jamie explained she wanted to get glam after being in a lockdown uniform for the past year.

"You know, I’m 62 years old, and I’ve been wearing black leggings for a year," Jamie explained.

"And so the truth of the matter is, I’m an actress, and I was privileged to be asked to present at the Golden Globes, and I decided to suit up and show up."

Speaking about the cleavage-baring dress, she joked: “You know, once in a while, everybody needs to come out, get a little sunshine."

"They are now well-fed. They are back in the stable. They don’t need to come out for another five years.”

As for that GORGEOUS yellow color, Jamie said:

"There is something about wearing sunshine during this moment, when we have all been denied the freedom that sunshine and the joy of sunshine and happiness, and a little glitz and glamour."

"And I was very happy to represent and to be able to present it, weirdly enough, to a very close friend of mine. So it was lovely."

I think it's safe to say Jamie was everyone's sunshine that night!

I'm just so proud Jamie Lee is proving you don't have to be in your twenties to have fun with fashion and look amazing while doing it!

I'm absolutely obsessed!