Jewelry Store Guard Dog Naps Peacefully Through Robber Training Exercise

Dogs can make great security systems for various reasons. They can detect danger at a moment's notice and then quickly and effectively alert their humans of that potential danger as well.

Well, at least, some dogs can.

For others, the guard dog talent doesn't quite manifest and they simply don't notice much of anything. While there are lots of cute puppers, there are some who will never ever be useful in an emergency, like this adorable husky.

One jewelry store owner decided to test his husky.

Lucky is an adorable husky that seems to love to relax, even while her owner's business is being robbed.

In Chang Ma, Thailand, the unnamed owner decided to stage a fake robbery to see what Lucky would do when there was a real threat present.

Lucky didn't seem to care that the store was being robbed.

Maybe it's because her name is Lucky, but the jewelry owner's dog sure didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with a robber in the store.

Security footage uploaded to Facebook lets us see that the entire time the fake robber was threatening her owner and demanding money while holding him at gunpoint, Lucky appeared to be napping.

We're pretty sure Lucky is a lover, not a fighter.

We can hardly blame this sleepy pup for needing a cozy nap. After all, just like people, not all dogs are cut out to be fighters.

Lucky seems a lot more like a happy-go-lucky pupper who doesn't let anything disturb her beauty sleep than one that would be up for taking down an armed robber.

We love Lucky for being herself.

While the jewelry owner should definitely invest in another guard dog or even purchase an entire security system, we can't stop adoring Lucky for being her own dog.

She seems like the queen of cuddles and cuteness, and if that means that there's not much bark to her bite, we have no complaints. Let us know what you think of this situation in the comments and if you're in love with Lucky too.