Quotes About Middle Age That Have Us Feeling A Little Attacked

It's inevitable — one day, each and every one of us will become middle aged. While that doesn't mean we have to feel older there are, of course, moments when we feel a tad worst for wear.

This list of quotes are both somewhat applicable to our own lives, but also have us feeling a bit attacked. and for most, they'll ring just a little too true regarding our fears about getting older.

This one's for those of us not feeling quite as recharged as we used.

As we go through life, it feels rather inevitable that we'll get a little bruised and scuffed along the way. Yet, there's something about reaching the middle aged benchmark that makes some us feel a little like we're unable to bounce back the way we used to.

Here's one that reminds us that there's no one way of doing the whole midlife crisis thing.

This one kind of bites the big one for those of us who are middle aged but still kind of broke.

No, we can't go the classic reckless motorcycle route, but we can probably get a small tattoo or something.

This quote is all about making the smart grown up choices in life.

There's no forgetting the excitement of discovering a cool new toy in our cereal boxes as children. However, this quote take a few jabs to our childhood memories as is assumed middle aged means it's time to eat fiber cereal and give up a sugar coated mornin cereals of the past.

Finally, here's one for the small things in middle aged life that can be the best.

While there's no call for a parade, it can be a relief to save time on the most mundane adult tasks. Maybe some years ago it was about the wild thrills but after awhile, happiness is living a much more convenient and comfy life.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you.