14+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘I Regret Everything’

We all have regrets — and, sure, that might not sound like a very uplifting start to something lightheartedly designed to take your mind off your work, but sometimes regrets can be quite funny to look back on...sometimes.

So, with this idea in mind, here are 14+ moments that made us go, "I regret everything!"

Sucks To Be Sara Lee, I Guess!

Wow, what a relatable mood Sara, you're really nailing the everyday nihilism of 2021! Great marketing!

"Uhmm, Elmo? Are you alright bud?"

Whoever it was that did this needs looking into! Christ, it is absolutely horrifying, and pointless!

"True fan!"

Wow, I am genuinely lost for words at this. There is so much to unpack and so little time, I think I'll just leave you to marvel at this wonder.

"I build unnecessary products and today I created The Gator Briefs!"

Nobody ever wanted these in their mind, not for a second. This is an image that I wish I could scrub from my brain, but it lives there forever now...forever.

They Only Wanted A Mimosa...

The person who posted this wrote, "My wife received a corporate gift from one of her partners for Christmas. It came with candy, champagne flutes, and a small bottle of bubbly. It has been in the fridge since. When we wanted a couple of mimosas yesterday. When I went to open the bottle, I found out it was a candle."

"The joy of being a parent to three young girls..."

Ah, but I'm sure that they realise that all of this hard work and noise will be worth it...probably?

"Props to both the artist and subject for not thinking this one through..."

Sometimes, no matter how much you think through a tattoo, they can still find ways to disappoint you when they become a reality.

"Mistakes were made..."

I can see in this squirrel's eyes that it is torn between being made up that it now has all the seed it wants and being terrified at the fact that it is now completely trapped.

"8th grade me thought I was the business, went like this to a Christian concert event."

Christ, that hair looks incredibly dangerous! I wonder how many eyes they managed to take out with this. Got to admire the gall for going through with this look as well.

"This tiger at the zoo licked the window then had instant regrets."

I knew a guy who licked the window of a late night takeaway once, he regretted that also.

"My sister built a snowman using peppermints for the eyes. This is what her husband saw out the window the next morning."

I love the way its little arms are ever raised in the air as if it's screaming, "Arrrgghhh, the pain is unbearable, let the morning sun melt me and release me from this agony!" Classic snowman behaviour.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

I don't know, I think that she is pulling it off. Also, that is some insane natural hair volume, it's unnerving!

"I knocked my container of flour onto the floor, and this is how it landed..."

Fortunately, one person did suggest an ingenious and simple idea to fix this situation: "Get another container, go downstairs, and drill holes in the ceiling until you're underneath it and can let it all just drain into the new container."

"Instant regret..."

Nothing like hearing a drum kit up close to remind you how much you value the gift of silence.

"I immediately regret this decision!"

Corgis aren't built for sledding, or much really. In fact, what are corgis built for doing? I have no idea!?

"My parents kindly supported my peak edgelord phase."

Ah, now this one is actually really sweet. Everyone has phases that they regret growing up, but it's incredible to see a family su[porting one another through these decisions!

"Yesterday I had Reddit decide the fate of my friend's back tattoo. Here is the unfortunate result."

Yes they do have the tattoo to prove it. I guess that this is like an extreme version of "Been there and got the t-shirt" for absolute idiocy.

"A stump where a tree symbolizing peace once stood in Glasgow, Scotland."

I guess that someone out there in Glasgow is pretty damn angry and planning on starting something serious if this is the message they're sending!

"The face of guilt..."

He does look like he regrets his actions, but he also looks like he cannot wait to eat some more chocolate at the same time.

"I put my guinea pig's bladder stone into a necklace lmao..."

A lot of people understandably wanted to know why they had done this, to which they explained, "I've been pretty upset about [the guinea pig's surgery] so I decided the best way I could go about cheering myself [up] was to make something so stupid I couldn't help but laugh at it."