10+ Lesser Known Facts About Britney Spears' Family

Britney Spears is an icon, there's simply no other way to put it. Throughout the late '90s and into the early '00s, she was the undisputed Queen of pop music.

But for someone who has spent the majority of her life in the spotlight, very little is known about her family!

1. Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, used to own and operate her own daycare center.

Before her breakout song "...Baby One More Time," Britney led a pretty average teenage existence. She went to high school, had a boyfriend, and even tried out for the basketball team.

In case you were wondering, Britney was a starting Point Guard.

She's also a published author

Britney isn't afraid to get cheeky. Some of her favorite past aliases include Chastity Montgomery, Alotta Warmheart, and my personal favorite — Anita Dick.

What would your celebrity alias be? I've always been a fan of the name Hugh Jazz.

2. Her father Jamie controls all of her finances.

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In Britney's video for "Do Something," there's a pink upholstered Hummer that bears a striking resemblance to the iconic French designer's signature print.

Her label was sued and wound up paying $117,000. The video was subsequently banned in France.

3. Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, was offered $1 million by the tabloids for photos of her unborn baby.

Britney and Justin were both members of Disney's Mickey Mouse Club.

This video is such a shocking indictment of the '90s I don't even know where to begin. That bandana that Justin is wearing is just too much for words.

4. Britney's great-grandmother ran her own restaurant.

Britney's grandmother used to be well known for her crawfish across the state of Louisiana.

For years, she had her own business called Granny's Seafood and Deli. Britney used to work the cash register and clean tables as a kid.

Her father Jamie Spears is also a restaurateur, although not quite as fortunate.

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Not long after opening up shop on the Vegas strip, Jamie was forced to close the business. His celebrity partner, Bobby Ochs, describes Jamie as erratic and prone to rash decisions.

Ochs also accused Spears of being inebriated on multiple occasions.

5. Jamie Lynn was involved in an incredibly bizarre altercation at Pita Pit.

When Jamie Lynn was 23-years-old, she and a group of friends entered the Pita Pit restaurant at around 2 AM.

After a scuffle broke amongst the young men that Jamie Lynn was accompanying, she inexplicably ran behind the counter and picked up a serrated bread knife.

6. Maddie Spears, Britney's niece, nearly died in a freak ATV accident.

They do things a little differently in Kentwood, Louisiana. For one thing, every kid from the time they are able to walk gets a go-cart.

When Maddie was only 8-years-old, she lost control and flipped the ATV she was riding into a pond.

Jamie Lynn and her husband Jamie Watson witnessed the accident, but were unable to free Maddie.

Maddie was pinned by the weight of the vehicle and trapped underwater until rescue crews arrived on site.

Jamie Lynn struggles to talk about the accident even to this day. She's incredibly grateful and considers the fact that her daughter is alive to be a miracle.

7. Bryan Spears, Britney's older brother, is also in the entertainment business.

Most of Bryan's work takes place off-camera and behind-the-scenes. He's spent his career working as a producer for various networks.

Bryan is also a trustee of a trust in Britney's name and received $200,000 as payment prior to establishing the conservatorship.

8. Jamie Spears was accused of child abuse.

Britney's son brought damning allegations of abuse to light involving his grandfather.

Allegedly, after a verbal argument between the two got heated, Jamie is said to have broken down a locked door to get to his grandson and began shaking him violently.

Kevin Federline was shocked and decided to press charges against Jamie Spears.

Unfortunately, a judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence for an abuse claim.

Instead, Kevin opted for the next best thing. He filed a restraining order against Jamie Spears which was granted immediately.

9. Jamie Spears has always had a difficult relationship with his oldest daughter.

By his own admission, Jamie had no relationship with Britney whatsoever prior to establishing the conservatorship.

He struggled for years with drugs and alcohol and in 2004 was checked into rehab after Britney begged him to seek help.

10. Her sister Jamie Lynn was kicked off her own show *Zoey 101*.

Zoey 101 is an old Nickelodeon show about a snooty prep school that allows female co-eds for the first time.

Jamie Lynn played Zoey Brooks and was the star of the series.

But when news about Jamie Lynn's teen pregnancy began to surface, *Zoey 101* was quick to distance themselves.

Spears was dropped instantly and the show was quickly canceled shortly thereafter.

Ironically, Jamie Lynn maintains that her pregnancy had nothing to do with her firing. That the issue stemmed from a miscommunication involving black hair dye.