Sexual Assault Survivor Creates Underwear Line That Promotes Consent

Get the word out: consent is sexy.

No one knows that better than Ella Fairon, a sexual assault advocate and survivor who turned the loss of a dear friend into a movement meant to change the way we think about consent. With that in mind, she created Assk First Panties.

It goes without saying, but this article contains triggers for sexual assault. Please be gentle with yourself if you know you can't handle that.

Ella is an advocate and activist.

She's committed to education for survivors, and prevention to protect young girls from ever going through what she went through. She, along with friends Jada Smith, Daisy Coleman, and Coleman's brother, Charlie, founded SafeBAE.

SafeBAE is an organization dedicated to education.

Run by youth and for youth, SafeBAE is committed to educating young people about preventing sexual assault, as well as helping them deal with the trauma of it.

Assk First was inspired by Daisy.

Daisy was the subject of a Netflix documentary, Audrie and Daisy, which chronicled her story as a sexual assault victim and the trauma that followed that at the age of 14.

Daisy died in August 2020.

After losing her, Ella began drawing little doodles of her and Daisy together. Those drawings became crucial to her mental health.

"After losing her in August, I was coping through art," she said.

She began drawing things that reminded her of Daisy.

"I started drawing these little cats, and I thought, 'Oh my God, these are so cute. She would be obsessed with these,'" she told Insider.

The cats became the main design for the underwear.

Her friends called Daisy "Cat."

Hence why Ella decided to go in the cat direction with the underwear! Called "Consent Cat," the cartoon feline is featured across many of the panties, which feature cute phrases like, "Cool cats get consent!" and more.

Her goal is to make consent not only normal, but fun and sexy.

"If someone is in an intimate scenario and it gets down to the underwear, I imagine their partner being stopped in their tracks, like 'Wait, what does your underwear say?'" she told Insider.

She honors Daisy with her brand.

"Daisy was a gifted artist and I can only hope to do her justice in my vision to continue the work that we started together," Ella said.

I think she's doing exactly that.

Assk First is a promising Kickstarter right now.

You can join the campaign, get a pair of undies, and contribute to helping sexual assault survivors by funding their Kickstarter right here. Enjoy your new underwear!

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