Meteorologist Working From Home Interrupted By Her Baby On Live TV

Being a working mom can be a really hard task, especially these days. With COVID-19 still keeping many of us at home, many are working remotely — even those who work as news anchors. While some places are opening back up, others are keeping safe by keeping people indoors and at home.

Working from home with kids can be tough.

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Managing work responsibilities and mom responsibilities is a tough ask. It's really like working two jobs at the same exact time. It's a whole mess some days.

When you are on-air, that's even more difficult.

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Imagine being live on air and having to manage the parenting at the same time—yikes, sounds like a total disaster. But, one mom seems to have mastered it.

One meteorologist for ABC7 had a little surprise during her time on-air.

ABC's Leslie Lopez had a surprise visitor while she was giving the local forecast for her station recently.

As she was reporting, a little surprise popped up.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see a tiny little head start to pop up near her legs.

Lopez couldn't stop laughing.

As she continued to give the forecast, she began smiling as her son began climbing up her leg.

Eventually, little Nolan joined the forecast.

Lopez shared that now that Nolan is walking, she can't totally control what he decides to do.

People totally loved this adorable video.

Many viewers said this mom can do it all, pick up her son and still keep direct eye contact with her viewers.

Others just totally loved this addition.

Many requested that Nolan and other babies be added to the forecast from now on, it is just too cute!

Some moms felt totally seen, too.

Some moms said this is reality — women have to multi-task while at home, parenting and working at the same time, no matter what their career is.

This mom is a rock star!